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Keep paddling

This time last year, my blog was an infant. My posts  were infrequent and much shorter. I had only four regular visitors … all fellow writers from my critique group. So, I didn’t know about the November Nano slump, followed by the December holiday hiatus.

headwater I keep fighting the suspicion that everyone has gone to a party I wasn’t invited to. Frankly, as a blogger, I think the year’s end sucks.

Of course, as a member of the human race, I know you’re all just busy with life and family. And I know that if I wasn’t obsessed with stats, I might not have noticed my blog visitor count plummeting. After all, I’ve been busy too.

But the truth is, I’m a little scared. I hadn’t realized how much blogging inspires me to write fiction. With fewer blog visitors and fewer blog comments, it’s been too easy to step away from writing these last two months. I don’t feel so compelled to talk about writing, so I don’t feel so compelled to write.

To those of you who visit and comment regularly, I say a big THANK YOU! You have kept my head above water. And I’ll focus on that to keep me writing.


20 thoughts on “Keep paddling”

  1. Hi Linda. Here’s a comment. I’ve been far far away from blogging these days. I thought if I read yours it would make me feel bad about not writing mine. I need to find a focus for mine this year and try to get my readership up. But later. Got other things taking my mindspace right now. Happy New Year.


  2. Okay I’ll admit..You’ve got me hooked!!!

    It’s funny because I commented the other day to someone how the world seems to stop during the holidays. I guess everyone’s experiencing it. This is the exact reason why I love a new year…all those endless possibilities. I know you will keep us entertained with your entries in the new year, Linda. Happy New Year!


  3. I’m experiencing this, too – funny how just one week away can feel so short in real time and sooooooo stinkin’ long in blogworld time! I’ve missed reading (and writing) blogs every day…and it’s not just the blog posts I miss, but the people behind them (like YOU!).

    Like others on here, I always look forward to reading your posts and reading about your writing progress. Keep it up, friend!


    1. Gee, Kayla do you think we’re blog obsessed? 🙂 As for me, I’ll be here, but I can’t promise I’ll always write something worth your time. 🙂


  4. Even Nathan Bransford’s been getting about a third of his usual visitors. I can’t tell you just how badly I want to query right now. Since all the agents have warned against it and since everyone is on vacation mode, now would be the time to be the only one in their inbox. “Oh, looky here I have a query with the first fifty pages attached. Might as well read it since I have nothing else to do.”

    That would happen, right?


    1. Nathan’s hits were down too? Thanks, that makes me feel better. Really, though, I think he should send a few readers my way. He’d never miss them.

      Unless the agents are actually closed to queries, yes, it could happen.


  5. I’m with DarcKnyt, blogging interferes with my fiction writing, but I’m glad it’s the opposite for you! Possibly that explains your entertainment value. 🙂


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