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Time for a new dream

In case it somehow slipped by you, I would like to announce that we have begun a new year. As people are wont to do at times like this, you may have made a formal list of resolutions. Those of you less organized may have an only an idea or two of what you would like to accomplish this year. In my writing, I will finish some things I started last year and then move on to new.

tapfeet I know a woman who turned fifty-seven a few months ago. One day, she confided that she was going to start lessons at a local school of the arts. She had dreamed of learning to tap dance since she was a child and decided the time was now or never. She seemed embarrassed to tell me of her plan, but I assured her I thought it was wonderful. I am smiling now, just remembering the excitement in her eyes.

penpoint I want some new excitement in my life. I will be querying agents to represent my completed novel, and also working on a new one. But I think I need to challenge myself more this year. Push my personal boundaries. Exchange “try” for “do” in more areas of my life. As a writer, one thing I want to learn is to craft stories. I have written stories. I have not crafted stories. This year I’m determined to get a story published. Tapping out well-crafted stories will be my dancing dream.

What dreams will you make come true this year?

24 thoughts on “Time for a new dream”

  1. I’m another who will finish her first novel this year. (For me, that’s “first” as in “first to be completed”. Poor RITN; it just wasn’t good enough.)

    Will you tell us more about crafting? What is the difference between crafting and writing?


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