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Let’s try an experiment

It’s Friday and I feel like doing something exciting. (Keep in mind, I’m a writer and I don’t get out much.) I’d like to propose an experiment. The other day, Christi Craig, tweeted a link to a flash writing prompt. I don’t usually take prompts, but as you may have read, I’m living on the wild side now. Actually, the link gave several prompts to choose from: single words, a photograph, a line beginning.

Nothing came to me when I read the single word prompts, I wasn’t inspired by the photo, but when I read the line beginning, a scene flashed on my internal movie screen. So I typed the four-word prompt and kept going. I wrote only three paragraphs, 217 words, but it felt complete to me … or maybe that was only as far as I had the heart to take it. As is, I think it would qualify as a flash story … or maybe that would be micro flash. (You tell me … on Monday.) Although the opening could lead in just about any direction, I went dark. It wasn’t intentional; I just used what came to mind in that instant.

So, I’m inviting you all to experiment using the same prompt. Write a flash story, an opening paragraph, or just an intriguing first line and share it with us here. I’ll post mine on Monday. I think it will be interesting to see the variety of storylines our creative minds come up with. (If you come up with good piece and don’t want to risk wasting your electronic rights by posting it on my blog, just share the first paragraph or two.)

Here’s the prompt: Through the open window

35 thoughts on “Let’s try an experiment”

  1. Through the open window, the outside world shimmered in the heat. It wasn’t real, she knew that, it was a simulation. The faces that peered in weren’t real either although they had a look of someone she used to know and at times when her reality checks were more hazy than usual, she could almost be fooled. They had tried to make her feel welcome, at home, safe. They had done everything they could to help. But that was after they had desecrated, demolished, and disintegrated everything she had ever known and that made sense in her head. They hadn’t known, they said. They wanted to make amends.
    So here she was in her pod, an uploaded consciousness trapped for eternity by alien guilt in a virtual world. All that remained of her species.


    1. Oooo … I don’t think this is what you meant by “pod” but it gave me that Twilight Zone vibe and I imagined the final shot as the camera pulling back to reveal her trapped inside a computer monitor.


  2. I hadn’t got quite that far but now I’m thinking we’re the aliens, we’ve destroyed this entity’s environment, and we’ve most apologetically rendered it in Second Life and hoped it will be happy there! So you’re right!


  3. Through the open window the screams were as loud as if they were on the tv in front of him.

    He had to imagine that the screams were coming from some fictional place like the tv or the radio or he’d go mad.

    He pointed the remote at the screen and increased the volume to max.

    [the rest will be an upcoming flash piece…I’ll give you a heads up] fun prompt…

    oh and my genre? horror….. just in case it wasn’t clear….hee hee hee


  4. Through the open window light steamed in bathing the room in a glow that resembled flames. The breeze did nothing to take away the image of heat from Audrey’s mind. She fanned herself gently, but the movement just made her hotter still.

    The sound of the workers in the field, intruded into her consciousness.

    “How many hours has it been, they can’t keep me here. What do they want?”

    There were no time pieces in the room, but she knew it had been hours because of the changing light and the sounds outside the window. Her light weight wool traveling dress was sticking to her despite her chemise and she wished she could reach the laces in the back to loosen it just a little. It was too hot to feel hungry, but her thirst was reaching an unbearable level.

    A search of the room had turned up nothing to drink and nothing to help her escape her prison. The door to the room was massive and solid. She couldn’t even hear anything outside in the hall.

    A loud rattling startled her from her thoughts and before she could even prepare herself the massive door swung open.

    “Master Donavan will see you now Miss Pearson.”

    That was really fun. Thanks for asking us to try it.



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