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The experiment results are in!

Thanks to all who participated in my writing prompt experiment. I changed the actual “results” to bold font to make it easier to see them among the comments, and if you took the prompt challenge, but haven’t shared your result yet, please do in a comment there. I think it’s interesting, the way we all started with the same words and then went in different directions. And just because I’m always curious how other writers work, I have some questions for you:

  1. Did your result come to you spontaneously, or did you give it some thought?
  2. Did you stick with your tried and true category/genre or try for something different?
  3. In the original prompt, the instructions were to write for 10 minutes without stopping, then put it aside until the next day when you could edit. How long did it take you to write yours and how heavily did you edit it?
  4. Do you regularly use writing prompts? And, if so, how often do they result in a finished piece?

If you care to know, my answers to the above questions are:  1. I stayed with my usual category.  2. It came to me spontaneously.  3. I followed the writing instructions (hard for me because I’m used to editing as I go) and I edited very little the next day. (That’s not to say it couldn’t use more.)  4. No, I don’t think I’ve ever used a writing prompt before.

And I know you’re all just dying to know what I wrote from the prompt 🙂 so, here’s a link to my flash story: Unspeakable Words


15 thoughts on “The experiment results are in!”

  1. 1. It came spontaneously. I imagined it being very hot and bright.
    2. I don’t do much writing but want to do more.
    3. I took about 10 minutes, and I could have spent more than 2 minutes to edit and caught streamed instead of steamed.
    4. I used them in a writing course for business and enjoyed it. I usually keep writing on the piece after the prompt because it really makes me want to make it into the story I imagined.


    1. Try Critique Circle maybe. I joined just before Christmas for much the same reason and, although you don’t get mentoring as such, there’s a community of writers who will help you with both your writing and your critiquing skills – each of which benefits the other. I’m often astonished at the range of opinion about the same thing. More so that my view may even be in the minority sometimes! I mean, crikey!


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