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How not to visit San Diego!

Glass "windchimes" in the hotel lobby.

So what could be lovelier than a trip to San Diego in January? Quite a few things, as it turns out. California weather has been a little unusual this month and San Diego
was not spared. We drove south on Thursday through constant rain, which at times was torrential. Luckily, we got to the treacherous stretch of mountain highway known as the Grapevine when the snow had just begun and we only had to slow our speed. We arrived at our hotel in a light rain.

The hotel was the usual: over-priced everything because it’s all going on some businessman’s expense account. No free internet, which explains my almost total disappearing act, but at least the beds were comfortable.

Horton Plaza mall

So, yeah, the rain. It rained during our trip to this beautiful open air multi-level mall in the Gaslamp Quarter where we went to buy a swimsuit, which made only a brief appearance at the hotel sauna because … it rained. During the trolley ride, it rained—and hailed. From time to time, the sun would appear briefly to tease us, but it rained most of the first two days we were there.

We decided to just stay in and order pizza Friday night. Wow, look at this: Brooklyn pizza—“the best east coast pizza on the west coast.” How could we resist? And check out at this special: “our giant pizza and 2-liter soda for $24.99.” Do they deliver to our hotel? Why, yes, they do. Only they apparently had no idea where our hotel was because the driver went to two other hotels before he found ours! Was the pizza hot? No. Was the pizza New York style? Yes. Was the pizza big? Ridiculously so. We had a good laugh at the “ginormous” size, took a photo, and ate the tepid, but tasty pizza.

One ginormous pizza and one small boy.

Then, on Saturday, even though it was still cool, the rain stopped. Yay, the beach! After lunch, we set off for Coronado Island, beautiful drive, beautiful town, beautiful beach … but not for swimming that day. Sewage contamination warning signs were up. (A problem resulting from the storms, I presume.) No biggie, we headed for Ocean Beach.

We stopped at two beaches there. One is the only beach in SoCal where dogs are allowed to run free. Needless to say, it was packed with very happy dogs. The other beach we tried was by the pier. It looked terrifying. The waves were so high they were crashing over the pier and the surf swallowed up the beach … at what was supposed to be low-tide! I don’t know why I didn’t take photos of this, so you’ll just have to use your imaginations. At this point, we gave up on the beach plan and headed back to the hotel.

The view from our table.

With the good weather holding, we decided to splurge for a great seafood dinner and, at sunset, we went to the Fish Market at the harbor. We were seated at the best table in the enclosed patio right over the water. The food and wine were good and we topped it off with an excellent crème brulée. An altogether lovely evening.

The weather forecast for Sunday: sunny and warm. Unfortunately, we had to leave early in the morning. But the drive north was so much more pleasant than the trip south … and we saw views like this.

The San Gabriel mountains.

20 thoughts on “How not to visit San Diego!”

  1. Okay, first of all, that is the biggest pizza I have ever seen in my life. And boo to rain, I say. I’m not a fan. (at least not for days on end) Isn’t that why we live in CA? Good weather. I’m sorry that San Diego was so wet.


    1. Truly … it measured about 30 inches! I don’t mind rainy days as long as there’s a sunny one in between, but this rainy January has been ridiculous. I guess the ski lodges are loving it, though.


  2. Thanks for filling us in on your trip!! I’ve been stuck on the couch all week recovering from being sick, so it’s nice to live vicariously through your vacation (rain and all!). That sunset picture near the ocean is refreshing to look at, and I can just imagine the fish and the wine and…oh man. It sounds awesome. I love the picture of the mountains, too – gorgeous. Rain is my favorite, but not necessarily when it comes to beachy Southern California vacations. Sorry to hear you had such awful weather, but I’m glad it at least subsided for the last part of your trip!

    Wow. I wrote a novel for you here, haha. 🙂 Welcome back!


    1. Sorry to hear you’ve been sick. I read your latest blog post where you mentioned your “high” from the rain, but I’m the opposite. The company was great though, so we had a great time anyway.


  3. I know it’s hard to be in gloomy weather for days at a time (winters in the midwest, ugh), but those mountains! Wow, that’s a beautiful photo!

    Glad you survived the travels, and that pizza. Lordy!


    1. Yes, that was a welcome sight. We weren’t able to see much on the way down.

      Everyone should order a pizza that big once, just for the laughs. And picking up a slice more than a foot long makes you feel kid-sized again. 🙂


  4. So frustrating! Isn’t that the way it always goes, things are perfect the second you’re about to leave! I love San Diego so much. Neal and I used to dream about living there. It always seemed like the perfect spot between our families. We used to say that one day, when we could afford it (the all important caveat) we were going to live in San Diego. Just the mention of the Gas Lamp District makes me long to go there!


    1. The 17 year-old with us started calculating how much money she and her friends would need to go there for spring break … and then dinner conversation turned to what career she might pursue to be able to afford to live down there! Every time we get close to the ocean, Allen and I talk about moving , but of course, money is the issue. 😦


  5. Boy, I’d say that was one “ginormous” pizza!

    I guess the sun’s got to shine eventually. Glad you were able to enjoy a bit of!

    The photos are just beautiful, Linda.


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