Oh look, it’s so pretty.

I want to say thank you to Laura Best who presented me with the Prolific Blogger Award. Of course, I immediately wondered if that means I blog too much.

There are rules attached and contrary to my usual rebellion, I will follow them. I will gladly link back to Laura’s lovely blog. And I’m linking back to this post, which explains the award, and I will add my name to the list of recipients there. Last rule is to name at least seven other bloggers worthy of the award. Since we’re interconnected on this web thing, Laura named some I would have, but I have more. So here goes … follow the rules or rebel, it’s your choice!

Christi Craig

Cathryn Grant

Kasie West

Judy Clement Wall

Karen Schindler

Sharon Egan

Susan Bearman

Pamela Villars

15 thoughts on “Oh look, it’s so pretty.”

  1. “It’s so pretty made me laugh”…Soon you will run out of room to put all of your awards in your sidebar!! You deserve the recognition. You rock! [and speaking of rocking…you got Rebel Yell stuck in my head….so I’m going to go find it on lala and listen to it all the way through to remove the earworm]

    Karen :0)

    Yeah, me and Billy used to be pretty tight. 🙂


  2. Linda, you amaze me with all your wonderful posts. I don’t know how you find the time to entertain us in your unique style but I’m glad you do..You are certainly deserving of this award!

    Please, please, my facing is flaming already! 🙂


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