Forty-five words

Today is a day I would normally have a new blog post for you, but I don’t. So, please use my silence to your benefit by visiting one or many of the wonderful blogs in my list of 26 Writers and Poets right over there.

8 thoughts on “Forty-five words”

  1. You have ‘days’ when you ‘normally’ post? For me it’s the other way round, I have days when I don’t normally post (all of them) and the odd one or two when I launch something at the world in the hope of catching it unawares. Frequently, the world is either unconscious or playing dead so as not to attract my attention. I think I need a plan…


  2. Ann, I think I follow some of the best, so I like to “share” them.

    Tricia, I hope you find a new favorite blog.

    Pamela, good going … now get Joan to post more frequently! 🙂

    Suzanne, I usually post every other day, so the days of the week change, but readers catch on … I think. Of course, if everyone subscribed, they would get notice when a new post was up. You should try some sort of schedule, even if it’s just once a week.


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