Mind Puke

Here I sit, speechless … or would that be textless? My mind is blank. Or rather, not blank, but stuffed so full, I can’t sort out a thought without pulling a dozen more with it. I think I’m going to just settle for one of those stream-of-consciousness posts that Judy and Tricia tried, but I’ll be a rebel and not time mine. Warning: this could go on for days.

As I write this, the Super Bowl is on TV and my husband is watching it, but I’m not. Does that make me un-American? I got into watching Australian football once, and rugby another time, but except when one of my family members played, I’ve never watched football. I don’t like that you can’t see the players’ faces. It’s too impersonal. And even though one of these teams is from my home town, I couldn’t care less who wins. (Kasie would be proud that I didn’t say I could care less. :-)) So, until I started writing this, I was reading my first novel by Abigail Thomas and I think she’s going to be one of my favorite “new” authors. The book I have now is “An Actual Life” and is written in such a pure and true character voice that I’m just amazed. I thank Cynthia for introducing me to her with this interview.  I think a lot about character voice because I tried writing my novel in three different voices. Whether it worked or not is yet to be seen. Boy, Pizza Hut bought a boatload of ad time on the Super Bowl. I’m low-carbing, trying to take off the weight I gained writing the aforementioned novel, so pizza for me would just be the toppings. I’m weaning myself off Coke by drinking Coke Zero. I hate diet drinks, which means I’ll end up dropping soda altogether. Eating healthy is not necessarily fun. And at my age, fun is paramount, so dieting is torture.Torture is something I cannot abide to see, hear, or read about. I think this stems from a past life experience—I hope as the tortured, not as the torturer, but then, if I’ve learned anything from Lost it’s that we’re all capable of being the torturer. And speaking of … who is Sayid now, anyway? If you have no idea what that means, you’re not a Lost fan and I feel sorry for you. You do watch Mad Men, at least, right? All writers should.

Okay, that’s enough of my mind puke. Oh, that reminds me; I caught a few minutes of Dirty Jobs yesterday and watched snakes being “puked.” A biology researcher’s life is … um … interesting. And that’s it, I’m gone. Go on back to your lives now.

26 thoughts on “Mind Puke”

  1. You really know how to write those attention grabbing titles.

    This is rich — I love it. Your stream-of-consciousness post was not only cleaver, but inspiring. I think I’ll go dribble on a blank page for a while and see if there is something swishing around in my whirlwind of thought.

    Of course, pizza sounds good too, but I’ve been losing the battle of bulge, maybe I should stick to dribbling.


  2. I don’t watch the Superbowl, I watched the Puppy Bowl on Animal Planet. It’s sheer silliness and worth a good half hour. Water, no sodas. Veggie trays and hummus, sushi. One beer. I love carbs but I’m also avoiding them, as you know.

    Sayid is probably Jacob. Time obviously split in two when the bomb went off. But yet…Juliet did not die? Wow. That’s really stretching it. But who cares. I love it.


  3. I think a lot about character voice because I tried writing my novel in three different voices.

    I don’t know nothing about football but last night, I have listened to all the game. I still don’t understand the game… but I have enjoyed the emotion of the players and the fans.

    Writers are sitting in front of their desk all day… So, I have to cut into the fun of eating everything that is fun… Snifff.

    I am fascinating by this kind of narratives ways. Toni Morrison is one of my best writer for this. I remember me reading one of a novel, I think It’s was Jazz, and experience the feeling of a novel writing like a jazz partition.

    This is hard to realise. How do you manage to do so and why are you also fascinate by this narratives ways?


    1. That’s a very good question, Mireille. It’s not a conscious decision. My current novel started with a short story … one voice. Then the story took a surprising turn and I realized there was more to tell, which resulted in two voices. Before I finished the second part, I knew the third character had something to say. When I was nearly finished with this novel, I pulled out my first novel to see if I could revise it and that’s when it dawned on me that I had written the first one in three voices as well.


  4. I enjoyed your Mind Puke very much. I was particularly amused by the football comments and the fact that you *couldn’t* (yay for you by the way) care less who wins. Me either! Australian football is interesting only as far as there are men in tight shorts running from one end of a field to the other, but as soon as they start snorting and bleeding I lose interest.


    1. Ah yes, but it’s those shorts that show off those marvelous muscular legs. It just seems more manly to play this rough sport without all the NFL “armor.” Also, loved the goal umpire in his white suit, but I don’t think that’s standard now, is it?


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