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Seventh Weekness

This is just a Fun Friday post, just silly bits about my week, so if you have something important to do, click away now. This seventh week of the year has been a little out of the ordinary for me. I gave up sodas for Lent, even though I’m not Catholic, and in the spirit of Mardi Gras I made gumbo … two days late, but still.

My "prunus persica."

Winter took a vacation from the San Joaquin Valley … no rain and temps around 70° (F). As you can see my nectarine tree started blooming.

I’m not a big sports fan … correction: I’m not a sports fan at all, but I do usually catch some of the Olympics telecasts. I saw the men’s figure skating, women’s skiing, and both in snowboarding. I sort of freaked out my husband with my knowledge of Shaun White. Trivia does come in handy at times.

The LOST episode was excellent this week. Of course, we all know Sawyer will recognize the con. You’re watching this series, right?

My husband tuned in several episodes of LA Ink this week and since we sit in the same room, I got sucked in too. Seeing Kat VonD with all her tats covered for a photo shoot was a surprise. Now, once again, I’m thinking of getting a tattoo. Of course, I’ve been thinking about it for twenty years.

Two sides of Kat.

Surely you knew I wouldn’t end this without mentioning writing. I had very little time for that this week, and it was all spent on editing my novel. I’m only a third done, so next week will be more of the same, except, instead of non-writing things, I’ll have critiquing to do for my group.

So, now it’s your turn. How about sharing some of your seventh weekness with me?

21 thoughts on “Seventh Weekness”

  1. So this explains why I, too, had such an off week…it’s the Seventh Weekness, and it infected me, too.

    Sawyer’s totally going to recognize the con, if he hasn’t already…I think he may already have a con of his own in the works (starting when he pulled the gun on FLocke but didn’t shoot).

    Someone wrote on my Facebook wall that I have “snowboarding hair.” In hopes that this meant I looked as cute as Gretchen Bleiler or Torah Bright, I realized (since my hair is neither straight nor blonde) that my friend actually meant I have Shaun White hair. Sigh.

    My time spent writing/editing has paled in comparison to my time spent watching snowboarding, doing laundry, and listening to friends vent about some hard stuff in their lives. I don’t regret those things at all, but it’s set me back in my goals.

    Anyway. Come quickly, Week Number Eight! (Oh, and bring us yet another awesome Lost episode. Thanks.)

    (end of novel-length comment) 😉


    1. Wow, it’s almost Tuesday again, which is good and bad. This final LOST season is not going to last long enough. You could do worse than Shaun White’s hair; you could have Plushenko’s. Actually, I’d love to have thick and wavy red hair.


  2. In the spirit of Mardi Gras, I ate a brownie and cookies in between fencing bouts. I’m not sure eating sweets at a fighter practice is a good idea, but the sweets were tasty.

    I applied to jobs and an acting gig, sent off a flash fiction submission, figured out that a scene I’ve been struggling to complete might not be good for the novel, and finished a critique of someone else’s short story.

    I also finished watching the Samurai X (anime) TV series on Hulu. My household doesn’t subscribe to a TV service, so my news on the Olympics comes from written articles and friends’ comments.

    Yesterday, a friend and I traveled to a neighboring state to help at an S.C.A. demo. We fenced and chatted with good people. Despite the awful driving conditions, we returned without any major problems.


      1. The Society for Creative Anachronism (S.C.A.) is an international organization for researching and re-creating pre-17th century Europe (and sometimes Asia). It’s a lot of fun and a cheap way to learn new skills.


  3. I also gave up stuff although I’m not religious: Cake, crisps, chips, pizza and chocolate bars (yes only chocolate in bar shape, I can still have balls, eggs etc). It’s an excuse for dieting. And testing my will power. I WILL SUCCSEED!!!


    1. You have my support on the dieting thing. I’ve greatly reduced my carb intake. Clever to be so specific in your chocolate restriction. 🙂

      Oh, and welcome to my blog.


  4. I think tatoos are interesting when they represent major events or relationships in their wearers’ lives. My husband has the symbols of Tae Kwon Do on his arm. He’s been studying that martial art for over 20 years, so it was already a part of him. What would you want everyone to know is a part of who you are?


    1. Ann, my husband has the Arabic word for family and another for his surname crest. I would have a triquetra symbolizing the stages of a woman’s life: maiden, mother, crone.


  5. Celtic cross maybe in honor of mom, but I’ve decided against tattoos once and for all.

    Sawyer is too sly a con to take the bait. My hope & prediction is that he will be the hero in the end.

    Hate sports, love the Olympics, with the exception of curling, luge, bobsled, skeleton. I love the skiing, skating and snowboarding especially. Go Shaun White and Apolo Ohno. It’s been a fun week having them around.


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