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A Tapestry of Writers

When I started blogging, I knew only two other writers who blogged, then I coerced a third to join in. After a short while, I got the hunger for more writers’ blogs to read.

If WordPress bloggers use tags on their posts, they are sorted into categories viewable at the main “dashboard.” As soon as I published my measly posts, I’d go to and see if mine was visible. While there, other bloggers’ posts caught my eye and I would visit and comment. Usually, they reciprocated.

Because half the party is in the comments, I would read theirs and sometimes click to visit the author of an interesting comment and probably leave a comment on their blog too. Those who came to my blog did the same. So, my blog friends became your blog friends became her blog friends became his … and so, the weaving began. Now, we’ve created a tapestry of writers.

That’s a beautiful thing, don’t you think?

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26 thoughts on “A Tapestry of Writers”

  1. That’s exactly the way it happened! Nice post, Linda. I also really like the image.

    But how could you write a post about a tapestry and not mention Carole King?


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