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Practice makes perfect!

This photo has nothing to do with today’s post topic. I just wanted to share an amazing photo of two of the loves of my life.


You’ve all been dying to know how my novel editing is going, right? (Aw, come on, pretend.)

Surely, you’re not tired of the subject; My Topics shows I’ve only written 37 blog posts about editing. But then, this is a blog about writing and editing is a major part of that. That’s why I do it again and again and …

I’m still working my way through recording the chapters and editing from the playback. I’m not editing only for rhythm in my writing this time. I’m also keeping these questions in mind:

  • Did I make the setting clear?
  • Can I make actions clearer?
  • Am I showing emotion by action as well as—or more than—by dialogue?

Fortunately, my answers to these questions haven’t resulted in too many changes … so far. My final step will be to check what I’ve not given a lot of thought to while I was writing. I think I have a fair instinct for paragraphing, but scene and chapter breaks I’m a little iffy on, so I’ll ask myself these questions:

  • Does every scene (and chapter) have a purpose and is that purpose achieved?
  • Does each scene (and chapter) start and end at the proper points?

I know several of you are also in the midst of editing. How’s it going?

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28 thoughts on “Practice makes perfect!”

  1. My editing plan is on hiatus and I’m rather tempted to join it.

    Spring is around the corner in Florida and there are so many beautiful distractions preparing to blossom. This time of year I find it increasingly difficult to focus on much of anything outside the wonder of the natural world around me.


    1. I feel like I missed all of spring last year because I stayed glued to this keyboard. I plan not to repeat that this year. I’ve done some winter cleanup and the first rose pruning, and I have loads more gardening waiting for me right now, but I’m ignoring it for a few more days while I finish this edit. I simply must. You however, should follow your own must. 🙂


  2. Thanks for dropping in at my blog, Linda. I see we have a few things in common (editing, among others!) so I’ll have to come back and check things out periodically. (In the meantime, I’m editing). 🙂


  3. Fab picture — just beautiful (although it’s giving me a little sense of vertigo, as they look like they’re about to fall off the edge of the world).

    Your editing process is thorough, organized and specific; I’m sure it will yield a best-selling manuscript.


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