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Me, me, me … is that all I can talk about?

For the most part, the answer to that question is: YES … as wrong as that may be. Recently, I read an article on how to have a successful blog. Close to the top of that list—maybe it was #1—was “Don’t talk about yourself.” I nearly deleted my blog that instant. And then I started to protest.

I started this blog as a way to record my writer’s journey. Along the way, you all started showing up to make this road a little less lonely. (Why yes, that is alliteration.) As more of you stepped onto my path, I began to worry that I should lead you on a more scenic route or, at least, provide elegant picnics in the shade. But on this journey, I can really only share what I know, what I experience, what I hope for. That’s all I have with me.

Sure, I point you to books and other blogs I hope you’ll enjoy and maybe learn something from, but  mostly, I just keep on down my path, talking about me. Which, if you knew me in real life, would be sort of funny. Up till now, I’ve pretty much focused on everyone but me. The problem was, during all those years, I let a lot of clutter build up in my mind. Now I’m clearing it out by writing. And thinking, learning, and talking about writing.

So, I’m sorry, this is a selfish blog. It’s just all about me and my journey, but I totally, completely, absolutely love and appreciate when you fall into step and walk beside me a ways.

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36 thoughts on “Me, me, me … is that all I can talk about?”

  1. I for one am happy you are working through your inner garage now!

    And, uh, I thought one of the purposes of having a blog was to write about yourself and share your thoughts and experiences with others…. I’m glad I missed that article you read on blogging.


    1. Thank you, Natasha. If Darksculptures hadn’t confirmed she also read such blog advice, I would be thinking now that I’d imagined it.


  2. I’m not sure where that “don’t talk about yourself” stuff came from. Most pro blogger sites I follow recommend you DO talk about yourself from time to time and let the audience in to see the person behind the keys.

    I’m all about me on my blog too. It’s YOUR BLOG. We come here because we enjoy reading about YOUR experiences. So be you. We, hoi polloi, like it. 🙂


    1. Well, “from time to time” is a far cry from how often I talk about myself. 😀 But I won’t worry about it now. We all seem to have a mutual appreciation of “confessional” blogs.


  3. Blogs are usually about the blogger. Even if they’re subject based it’s about the blogger’s experience with the subject. I like reading about you and your writing journey. It makes my road less lonely too. 🙂


  4. A lot of that advice is geared for blogs that earn income from the ads. They aren’t personal blogs, per se. Personal blogs are, well … personal.

    I subscribe to several of those income sites for their expertise on writing and publishing. They are usually written by experts in the field who dole out free advice but get paid by ad space. I’m guessing that advice was geared for that niche.


  5. I think writers have to be a little bit obsessed with themselves anyways…not at a level where it’s a problem, but spending hours upon hours of writing and rewriting just to see our own names in print seems a little obsessive when I think about it. Kinda funny.

    Brayden Hirsch


    1. “I think writers have to be a little bit obsessed with themselves anyways.”

      This is so funny and so true.


        1. Wait! Are you saying the world isn’t awaiting my writing? 🙂
          At least we can say we are awaiting each others writing. I figure we all have a fan base of at least 10 people at this point. LOL Although, you, Linda, may be closer to 20.


    2. Thanks for stopping by, Brayden. I do believe you’re right. After all, we imagine others are just dying to read whatever we write, don’t we?


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