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The fat lady ain’t singin’ yet!

Does editing a novel ever end? I swear that when this novel is published, I will never read it again. That’s because I know I would find something I could have written better. This novel was edited as I wrote it; has been submitted chapter by chapter in critique group, after which I edited; has been read straight through by three other writers, after which I edited again; and has gone through multiple rounds of editing by my volition. Yet, now that another writer is giving me feedback, I’m not only editing from her comments, but seeing edit-worthy things she didn’t comment on. Thankfully, these last edits are just fine-tuning. But wait, it’s not over. Eventually, my agent and then my editor will request changes. I’m beginning to wonder if that fat lady ever sings.

Some blog stuff:

  • I’m still not sure I like the way I’ve changed replying to your comments. Do any of you have any thoughts on it?
  • If you remember, I posted a poll a week or so ago inviting my silent blog readers to let me know they’re out there. I didn’t get the thousand votes I hoped for (ahem) but five readers did let me know they subscribe to my feed. Thank you Mystery Five for reading and for voting. I hope you’ll break your silence someday. And if you … yes you … are one of the 995 others still lurking and didn’t vote, the poll is eternally open, click here.
  • And if you’re one of the millions who read this blog occasionally, I invite you to subscribe by reader or by email … see the links right over there in the side, at the top? Sooner or later, I might say something brilliant and wouldn’t it be a pity if you missed that day?
  • I hope to maintain my usual every-other-day posting schedule, but for the next week, my husband will be home. He deserves the time off, but that means I will also be taking time off. My blogging and twittering time will be limited. So even if you don’t “see” me around much, please know that I’m reading; I just may not have much time to comment.

I hope Spring has arrived where you are (though if you’re down under, I guess it’s Fall there.) Anyway … look for your blessing, it’s there.

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10 thoughts on “The fat lady ain’t singin’ yet!”

  1. I don’t know where you got this photo, but the miniature viking warrior lady just slayed me.

    [I should have been wearing my chainmail I guess]

    Happy spring. Enjoy your time off!
    Stop and smell some daffodils……

    Thanks, Karen. If I can ever get my allergies under control, I’ll go out to smell my roses, which are beginning to bloom. I gave up planting daffodils … the squirrels dig up the bulbs as fast as I can get them in the ground.


  2. Unless you make money blogging, I don’t see why your numbers should be a concern. Maybe I’m the odd man out, but I never paid attention to the comment numbers — mine or anyone else’s (unless it’s in the hundreds).

    I like the photo. It reminds me of a viking Mr. Bill.

    Enjoy your time off.

    It’s a platform thing. The theory is, if you write well, you should attract a lot of followers who leave a lot of comments.


  3. For me, the editing never ends. I look at short fiction I’ve had published, I look at academic publications, I look at blog posts/comments — and I always, always think of how I could improve it.

    But it would make me crazy (or should that be crazier?) and so I generally don’t.

    I’m guilty of editing old blog posts, but that’s only if I have a reason to reread the post, I don’t go looking for them.


  4. “I swear that when this novel is published, I will never read it again.”—–I thought that too but it feels altogether different when you’re holding that book. Just you wait!

    Well, if you do it perfectly the first time, I guess you have no fear of finding weak passages. Btw, I got a notice from Amazon today that they’ll be shipping your book to me in a few days.


  5. I like the new comment systems just fine.
    I don’t consider my comment numbers much, and I don’t think the post always makes the comments. We’ve had some long and strange conversations in comments that often has nothing to do with the post, and more to do with each others comments. Like you said, if you don’t read the comments you’re missing the party.
    It does feel like editing is an endless cycle. Sometimes we just need to walk away and be happy with what we’ve done. 🙂

    You said: “Sometimes we just need to walk away and be happy with what we’ve done.” That’s my problem, I’ve never been able to do that with anything I’ve ever done.


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