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Of dogs and submissions and books

Several things conspired this last week to exhaust me physically and mentally. Who knew dogsitting could occupy so much of your time? Of course this was on top of Easter preparations. And then there was the little matter of submitting a requested partial to an agent.

Naturally, I couldn’t send it off without another thorough read and polish, but then reality smacked me upside the head. If I receive a rejection on this, I can’t tell myself it is because of a weak query letter or so-so synopsis. Those two have already passed this agent.  So, believe me when I say it was a bit stressful to hand that mailer over to the postal clerk. My writing is on the line.

To overcome that frightening revelation, I came home and queried two more agents. Hope for the best; prepare for the worst.

I will spend most of this week’s “writing time” reading. I have the privilege of returning the favor of a beta-read (not for my recent reader) and I look forward to learning as I give. I also hope to finish one of the books I’m halfway through (yeah, really.) And maybe I’ll get caught up on my blog reading … if you don’t all decide to post every day this week.

See ya’ around.

9 thoughts on “Of dogs and submissions and books”

  1. Very exciting! Congratulations, first; good luck second! Very cool.

    Now, it’s time to chillax and enjoy the ride. If there’s a rejection at the end of this track, you have a couple of things to remember, and NEITHER of them are “you’ve got a problem with your writing”:

    A) Might not be just the right project for the agent; s/he’s looking for something and saw part of it (or thought s/he did) in the query/synopsis, but will have a clearer idea with the partial;

    B) Might not be the right time for this project with this agent; s/he thought enough of your idea with the query and synopsis to ask for a partial.

    Try not to beat yourself over the head with the problem in your writing until it’s time to do that. Right now, just let the agent do his/her thing. 🙂

    You can do it. We already know it. Now it’s time for the industry to find out.

    Wow, Darc, thanks for the pep talk. Actually, I sent this agent the first chapter with the query and synopsis, so she did (or could have) read that much before requesting more. If she rejects it, what I really hope is that she tells me why … other than the usual “not for me” or “didn’t grab me like I hoped it would” which are generic and no help to the writer. I can’t improve if I don’t know what I need to work on.


  2. This is exciting! I, too, am sitting here typing with my fingers crossed (or something like that) and cheering you onward.

    And I think you are wise to continue the query process with others.

    Good luck! And keep us posted!

    Thank you, Natasha. And don’t worry, I’m sure I’ll mention the results of my partial submission. 😉


  3. I really enjoyed how you just oh so casually slipped this part in there:

    “And then there was the little matter of submitting a requested partial to an agent”


    fingers & toes crossed–and I have unusually LONG toes…

    I posted twice this week so far.
    *hangs head in shame*
    [sorry to add to your to do list]

    Thanks, Karen, and don’t worry, I’ll read whatever you post. 😉


  4. CONGRATULATIONS! This is a big deal! I can understand why this opens up a whole new realm of nervous. You were smart to send out two more queries.

    Enjoy your reading time – I hope you get great news. And quickly!

    Thanks, Kirsten. Oh, yes, I’m still researching agents and adding them to my list at QueryTracker. I just did a slight revision of my query letter, so I may send it out to another agent tomorrow. I think it’s best to keep a few out there at once.


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