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And so it begins …

For some time now,
I have been aware of you in the shadows.
I was too busy then to pay attention.
I am ready now.

Come sit with me by the water.
Tell me your story.
Don’t leave anything out;
I want to know it all.

Show me what you see.
Give me a taste of what you eat.
Play for me the sounds you hear.
Take my hand and let me touch everything.
Waft the scents my way.

Say what you said, what he said, what they said.
I want to know every word.
Give me the jargon, the slang, the poetry.

Share your feelings.
Do you love?
Do you fear?
Are you hopeful or despondent?
Where does your anger lie?
Why do you hate?
Let me experience it with you.

Give me a tour of your home.
Show me the sights in your town.
Take me for a drive in your car.
Let me peek inside your closet, your medicine cabinet, your refrigerator.
Show me your books, your bills, the tools of your trade.

I want to be you.

I must be you.

And then,
I can write your story.

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Photo credit: lupinehorror’s photostream

18 thoughts on “And so it begins …”

  1. I susppect as writers we do this when we meet people…maybe more than we should….but how else can we write what we write…an excellent poem…thanks!


    1. Thank you, Christi. I’ve listened to new dialogue while I worked in the garden today. Fitting, since it was Jesse (a farmer) speaking.

      As for the pics, sometimes it takes me longer to find one I like than it did to write the post. 🙂 If I thought farther ahead, I could take my own like Cynthia does.


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