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Support your fellow writers!

Not so long ago, I wrote a post where I referred to this community of writers as a tapestry. I’d like to revisit that idea in this post.  We hear a lot of talk about social networking and self-promotion in the publishing industry. Long gone are the days when a writer could simply write and leave the sale of the work to their publisher’s publicity department. Nowadays, unless your name is already a household word, publicizing your published work is mostly up to you.

So here we are, already utilizing one of the best ways we have to publicize. And this is where the tapestry comes into play. If we want the weave to be stable and durable each strand of warp and weft must be strong. Each strand must be of high-quality twist. Single fibers spun together to create a continuous yarn.

Each of us is a fiber. Social networking spins us together. But what weaves that yarn into a tapestry? I believe it’s the support we give one another. Not only by visiting and commenting on each others’ blogs, which is very important for our often fragile egos, but by going the extra mile in promoting each other in these ways:

  • When you find a blog that teaches or blesses you, add a link to it in your Blog Roll.
  • Tweet or reTweet a link to the blog posts that spoke to you.
  • Mention names and link to worthy posts in your blog posts.
  • Remember to trumpet others’ published stories or books if you enjoyed them … or even if you didn’t, but think someone else might.

When I do these things, I help to weave that tapestry. I don’t stand a chance alone against the Big Name Writers. I need your help. You need mine. Working together we each succeed. Otherwise, we might just end up an ugly pile of threads.

In the Spirit of the Tapestry, you’ll notice, over there on the right, I’ve added links to some of my new favorite bloggers: Suzanne, Kirsten, Natasha, Dayner, and Victoria. You’d do well to visit those and my Writer and Poet friends’ blogs. And if any of you on my Blog Roll would prefer being listed under a different name, let me know.

I’d also like to honor a request to promote the Nebraska Summer Writers Conference. There’s a weekend session, June 12-13 or a week long session June 13-18. There will be workshops and classes for writers of fiction, non-fiction/memoir, children’s books, and poetry. Check it out.

Do you know other ways we can help each other get our names out there?

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26 thoughts on “Support your fellow writers!”

  1. I think books are like birds; just one and no one pays much attention, twitchers apart of course, but gather a bunch together and suddenly there’s a critical mass of interest. I’d like to think my stories (and thank you LOTS for your kind comment) add a little to that mass as a sort of pick-and-mix taster. Probably not the best juxtapositioning of metaphors though! Flock on, chaps!


    1. Oops! Note to self: check universality of terminology! That said, if pre-Alzheimer confusion defers the real thing, here’s to a license for obfuscation!


    2. 🙂 I confess, I usually have to look up the definition of at least one word in every story, post, comment, or tweet you write. Earlier today it was Dettol and now it’s twitchers. Keeps me on my toes … maybe even helps stave off Alzheimer’s.


  2. I’m honored, Linda! Thank you for including me. It’s nice have people love the same things I love. I’m a lone writer in my real life, but not in my virtual life 🙂
    The support is appreciated and returned.


    1. That’s the beauty of the internet … which admittedly can also be a curse distraction. I do notice my husband giving me odd looks when I refer to “talking” to one of my virtual friends as though I’d gone to lunch with them or something. 😉


  3. It’s so true and it’s so awesome. Writers are each others support group. I don’t think I would’ve made it this far without mine. I have the warm and fuzzies now. 🙂


  4. I totally agree with you, Linda. I saw a prime example of that on the weekend. Met a group of writers who are totally awesome and totally supportive. For years I’ve belonged to the Writer’s Fed but distance being what it is for me I never had the opportunity to meet these people.

    Overall writers seem to be a pretty supportive bunch (with a few exceptions). I think it’s because we all know and understand just how challenging it is to be a writer.


    1. I’m glad you finally got to meet with your group. Like I said to Suzanne, I don’t view other writers as my competition, so why wouldn’t I support them? You’re right, who better understands a writer than another writer?


  5. Just realised I have a Sunshine Blog award to pass on. I hereby pass it on to you, Linda. If anyone has helped my induction into the world of fiction-writing, it’s been you with your insightful and provocative posts, flock of contributors, and faithful supporters. Go grab the image and make it your own!


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