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What’s up with the name?

I’m a curious person; I think that’s a given for writers. Today I’m curious about the “names” you go by: your blog name, user name, Twitter handle, email identity, whatever. Why did you choose them? What do they mean to you? Do you wish you had chosen differently, but now it’s too late to change it?

I’ll go first. My blog name: Out of My Mind is meant to refer to where my writing comes from, not my mental state. I was new to the blog world when I started mine, which I’d already determined would focus on my experiences as a writer, so it’s appropriate in that sense, but now that I’ve seen so many other thoughtful, funny, or evocative blog names, I wish I’d given my blog name more thought.

My Twitter handle: Since we’re aiming for name recognition, I tried for the obvious, but Twitter said no. So, cassidylewis is the closest I could get. What can I say?

My WordPress user name and biz email identity are the same: lindacassidylewis … surprise! For personal email I use my studioelle account, which is one I created several years ago when I worked as a part-time portrait artist and website designer. I used just my first and married names for those personas (Linda Lewis) so “Studio L” it was.

Humor me here on this Fun Friday post. What’s behind your names?

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39 thoughts on “What’s up with the name?”

  1. In reality, timesspring is a silly little ditty of a song of backwards phrases my best friend and I made up in high school , timesspring being springtime.

    Then, after my mother died, I used the word as the title for a book of poems I put together. I explained in the intro that after she died, something had gone out of the world. I noticed that though they were still as beautiful, flowers had lost their fragrance. But I understood that in time, it would return, in time I would heal, in time, Spring.

    Personally I also like the backwardsness of it. It’s very me, a late bloomer. And I had to put 2 “esses” in the spelling because the correct spelling dot com was taken.


  2. Oh Linda, Spring has indeed returned for me. I am experiencing much healing and joy. Thanks for hoping so. I am so excited about your novel and cannot wait to read it!


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