Past and Future Weeks

At least in part, I will discuss my Creativity Workshop progress in every Sunday post for the duration. This past week was introductory, and in that sense, I totally reached my goal. Yay, me!!!

This next week, the first of a block of four, I will write poetry. Since I’ve only written poems in free verse and haiku, my research on Day One will refresh my brain on the many other forms. Then I’ll choose the form I think will best suit the first of my four connected poems. I’ve chosen the four seasons as my theme for these poems, and first up is Summer, which is fast approaching for those of us living in the Northern Hemisphere.

Those of you who’ve been subjected to my poetry before on this blog can breathe easy because the rules prevent us from sharing what we write before the end of this workshop … and by then, I’ll have come to my senses. Hopefully.

And now for something completely irrelevant … and unbearably trivial.

I love bacon. I hate frying bacon. (I hate microwaved bacon worse than no bacon at all.) I don’t think perfectionists should take on the job of frying bacon. The task is just too frustrating. The only way to get all the little rippled fat bits cooked before the meaty part turns to leather is to prevent the ripples in the first place. Hence the invention of the bacon press. For some reason, I have never owned one … until now. Actually, I’ve only ordered it, but after it arrives, I expect it to transform my life. Well, the bacon frying part, at least. It will help me not a whit to write poetry.

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27 thoughts on “Past and Future Weeks

  1. I love bacon too, and I had some for breakfast today! yum. (I didn’t have to fry it.) Happy Mothers’ day. I’m glad your workshop is on track.


  2. Bacon is awesome. I sometimes do mine in the oven because it gets all crispy and yum and yeah, frying isn’t so fun most of the time.

    Hope your week gets off to a good start 🙂


  3. Bacon – the love of my life and good reason to get back on the treadmill. Hum, my dinner crisis has been averted – B.L.T.’s it is!

    And I do hope we get to see at least a sample of your poetry once the workshop draws to its end. 🙂


    1. I don’t think you’ll see any more poems on my blog, Trista. My comment count dropped drastically whenever I’ve tried that. 😀 But who knows, maybe in four weeks I’ll become a master poet! Ha, I’m writing fantasy now.

      Aren’t BLT’s the perfect sandwich? One of my sons got me hooked on another warm weather sandwich: toast sour dough and layer sliced cucumbers and tomatoes and don’t skimp on the mayonnaise. YUM


  4. Bacon is one of the best things in the world, ever, period. And if you don’t care for frying it (c’mon, who does?), bake it! All the crisp, NONE of the pain and mess!

    Happy Mother’s Day, Linda!


  5. I loooooove bacon. It’s one of my favorite foods, though I don’t get to have it that often (twice a month at the most, I’d guess). I got to have it twice today, though I can’t say I feel any more creative. Actually, I just feel full and tired! Good luck with your poetry; I think you’re brave for taking it on during the workshop. I’d find it an extremely daunting task, myself.


  6. Hmmm… Not a bacon person, but I LOVE the way it seems to inspire people! I’m psyched that you’re doing poetry, and I love the focus on the seasons.


  7. For what it is worth (I received the email, but could not find it here) I do not find your bacon talk a reflection of your dedication to the craft; rather an affirmation that you do not let it consume your life & become a crazy lady who talks her 15 stuffed cats.


    1. Melissa, I think you’re referring to a post that’s not really published yet! My clumsy fingers did it again; I hit the Publish button before I meant to. That post will be up tomorrow morning.

      Thank you for the kind comment though.


    1. Ooops, I think I passed over your comment, Aurora Lee. Thank you for the compliment on my first week plan. I hope I can report it next Sunday as a fait accompli.

      Please don’t eat too much bacon; I fear I’m going to be arrested by the cholesterol police. 🙂


  8. It’s been forever since I had some bacon. I’ve been eating oatmeal and granola for so long, I tend to forget about it…but OH MAN. I now have a wicked craving for some pan-fried bacon. May just have to pick some up at the store later today, haha.

    Have fun, and good luck, with researching and writing your summer poem this week! 🙂


  9. I expect a full report on this bacon press that you speak of. I am truly intrigued for I too do everything in my power to fry the perfectly, evenly cooked piece of bacon. Plus now I must kick myself for not inventing it myself.


    1. I’m surprised not everyone knows about a bacon press … well, vegetarians excepted. The press should arrive tomorrow, but I have no bacon, so I guess I’ll have to gear up and venture out into the scary real world to buy some.

      Yes, too bad you didn’t invent it, then I could have just begged one off you for free! 🙂


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