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I’m serious … or not

Yeah, so I signed up for this writing workshop, and guess what? Every person in this workshop is a writer! Who’d a thunk it?

What’s worse, these other writers WRITE … and they do it on their blogs! Most of them craft long, thoughtful, beautifully crafted blog posts. Me? Not so much. I write about bacon … and I don’t even wax poetic about it.

Linda, you might ask, are you taking this workshop seriously? Why, yes I am. Actually, I find it hard to think of anything else now. I even resorted to submitting the opening chapters of my first novel to my critique group, so I didn’t have to use any time writing something new.

The novel and story writer me dwells on serious stuff, about people in pain, but the blog writer me is a different animal. That’s not to say I’m never serious; I was dead serious when I shared my experience with the Blue Muse earlier this year. And I’m serious when I share what I’ve learned about writing, editing, or querying. But a good many of my posts are written with tongue in cheek.

So, if you drop in here and read about pickle jars, Kat Von D, LOST, or a monkey outside my window, don’t think I’m not serious about my craft. Other times, I might actually write something heartfelt, like a walk through my perfect day or my view of an Appalachian heaven or even a little glimpse of Marrakesh from my kitchen window.

But most of the time, after I write all my serious stuff, I just like to come here and laugh a little. I hope you won’t mind.

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31 thoughts on “I’m serious … or not”

  1. haha I never wear shoes ever… well, unless I really have to!

    I think a blog should be whatever you want/need it to be, and yours is a wonderful read 🙂


  2. Haha I love this post, nice to see someone else is just as silly as I am! Nothing wrong with having fun 😀

    Bacon, btw, rocks. Srsly.


  3. I think blog writing and actual writing – writing is a different sort of beast altogether. I find it easy enough to wax poetic on the blog and then find myself struggling to get that same tone or delicacy in my WIP. So I’ve conceded to thinking, it just shows there are more elements to me than one form or style. I hope…

    In any case I love reading whatever you decide to wax poetic about, rather it be television or something as simple as a walk you might have taken. I honestly believe more writers need to allow people to see a more every day (as much as may be possible under the circumstances) side of their personality. (Hugs)Indigo


    1. Indigo, my experience is just the opposite; fiction writing is much easier than blogging. But yes, each of us have many different sides … and that’s wonderful.

      Well, no matter how hard I try to pretend I’m a sophisticated, learned writer, the real me comes through. 😀 And thank you for reading, always.


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