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A Tuesday Morning Magical Experience

A couple mornings ago, some words popped into my head while I pruned spent roses. I rolled the words around on my mental tongue and realized I had a pretty good opening line, but no other lines came to me as I worked. When I came back inside, I sat down to research my next poetry form for the Creativity Workshop, but I just couldn’t concentrate. I closed the book and started to get up from the table. Instead, that line came back to me and I reached for my pen and legal pad.

I wrote down that first line and the floodgates opened. Out gushed two whole pages, as fast as I could write. It was spontaneous writing, and not half bad, but I wasn’t ready to look at it too closely yet. I didn’t even know what I had written. Flash story? Some form of poem?

This writing experience felt magical because it was not how I usually work. I didn’t sit down, close my eyes, and wait to see a scene or hear a conversation. I just wrote it down, then set it aside, to get a little distance.  Later that night, as I washed dishes I thought about the piece. I had written from the viewpoint of a woman caught up in a relationship and trying to sort out her feelings. The voice seemed familiar. After I put away the last dish, I re-read what I’d written. Each stanza(?), paragraph(?) started with a you said/I thought statement, and as I read those my eyes widened. Then I laughed.

These words could very well have been a conversation Meredith, a character from my recently completed novel, might have had with herself. I believe, in my subconscious, she did. That’s why it poured out so effortlessly. I just feel a little stupid that I didn’t see this while I was writing it.

I love these little surprise gifts, don’t you?

17 thoughts on “A Tuesday Morning Magical Experience”

  1. Oh, YES, I love it when that happens! Good for you. And that subconscious is always there, always working. Sometimes the most when you have no conscious idea of what the current is like below the water line.


  2. This (ish) has happened to me twice now since starting the Workshop. Things are just happening. Part of my brain is finally stepping up, taking over & making stuff happen. I’m a control freak, so I find it terrifying, but it’s so friggin cool all the same.


  3. I. Love. This.

    Moments like these are what keep me writing. I love them! I love when I sit down to write and floodgates open, but it’s even better when I’m FORCED to sit down because of the flood. (not so much if I’m not able to of course. Stupid work…)


  4. I often think how much I miss my characters when I’m away from my work for a few days. But as you’ve shown, they’re really always with me, aren’t they?


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