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To share or not to share?

My apologies for such a brief post. I am overwhelmed, distracted, exhausted, and several other “eds.”  So today, I’m just going to ask a few questions of you. A two-part question is in poll form because I think you’ll be more likely to answer honestly, if you can do so anonymously.

Most everyone who reads my blog is also a writer and a blogger.  What I’ve noticed is the wide variance of degrees to which you share your writing on your blogs. Some of you share flash stories or poems or link to your online published work. Some don’t display any samples, but you talk about your works in progress. And another portion of you share little or nothing, maybe not even revealing whether you write fiction or non-fiction.

So, here you go. First, one single and one compound question I hope you’ll answer in the comment section.

  • What do you write?
  • Do you share any examples of your writing on your blog, and why or why not?

And now for my two-part poll question.

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39 thoughts on “To share or not to share?”

  1. I’m a professional writer of science and an amateur fiction writer. All my factual material is public – either as published book/chapter/journal articles or documents owned by my employer (the NHS or the university) but my fiction is shared sparingly on my blog where, like a benign pitcher plant, I offer what I hope are aromatic tasters with a view to attracting supportive attention. Other work, usually longer pieces, I lift aloft and launch in the direction of publishers, some of whom I fantasise might have dropped into my aromatic pitcher and be poised, open armed, to catch my fledgling tale.
    It’s probably good that I have other things to entertain me while I wait!


      1. Anyone who takes the trouble to remark, really! I’ve always thought, somewhat defensively maybe, that I’m not writing for all the people who don’t like my tales, I’m writing for the one who does. But then I’m not trying to make a living with it so I can afford to be insufferably pretentious!


  2. I write Suburban Noir fiction. Yes, it’s true. When you can’t figure out how to categorize yourself, make it up. After all, we’re fiction writers!

    I post flash fiction on my blog. I do this for a variety of reasons, but don’t want to clog your comments. 🙂

    The primary reasons are:
    1. I think flash fiction is a form suited to the web and its inherently short attention spans.
    2. It holds me accountable to a regular cadence of writing fiction for public consumption during the lengthier process of writing and polishing novels and short stories for more traditional publication.


    1. At least you’ve settled on a category! 🙂

      I don’t think you need worry about taking up too much space in comments. I appreciate you sharing your reasons for putting your flash online.


  3. I write poetry and do photography….I share my poems because to me poetry is a shared experience and I hope in some way my poetry will stimulate (+/-) some awareness of a given issue or just make someone laugh or think about an issue.


      1. Pamela, you share so much of your poetry on your blog that I wonder, is there not that same problem of using up “first electronic rights” when you post poems on your blog? Is the rule different for poetry?


        1. Linda, when I submit, I choose publications that accept poetry already published on a personal blog. And if not, I remove it from public view until I receive the rejection email. 🙂


          1. But isn’t the poem already archived? I mean, if you googled the name or a line of the poem, it would come up in the results as being, or having been, published online, right?


    1. Slp, thank you for sharing your thoughts. To me, unless one is a total narcissist, we all intend our writing to be a shared experience, but it seems poets are more likely to share on their blogs or sites.


  4. I write mostly Speculative Fiction, and I used to have some stories up on their own page on my blog. I thought it was important to give examples of my writing if I was calling myself a writer. They didn’t get a lot of hits though, and I took them down when I did a blog re-jig in the aim of replacing them with links to published stories (which I have 2 of, though one anthology isn’t out yet, and I’ve not actually gotten around to doing this anyway!).

    I do post little bits and pieces into blog posts occasionally, and I talk about what I am working on (though not in huge detail). The biggest reason I am no longer posting full short stories to my blog is because it uses up their first digital rights and that severely limits the places I am then able to submit to if at some point I decided I wanted to. Better safe than sorry.


    1. Cassie, I had poems and flash stories up here, but then took them down for the same reasons you did! But if I ever try seriously to get a short published and succeed, I’ll post a link.


  5. I write Fantasy Fiction and I do it because it’s the one thing that gives me joy and fulfils me as an artist. Perhaps I am old fashioned but I am not comfortable posting samples of my work online, I suppose it’s the lack of control one has over who sees it and what they do with it. I know nobody is going to really steal an entire novel, but I cannot get rid of the unease I feel over posting my work, though eventually, I’d like to post at least bits of it for others to read sample of my work. I think this would be different if I were a published writer, though I tend to be a paranoid person in general.


    1. I’m paranoid too, agatha82, and it’s somewhat justified. Darksculptures, who comes around here, recently had one of her poems “borrowed” by another blogger (without credit, even) so now she only posts her work on a private page for friends.


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