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To share or not to share?

My apologies for such a brief post. I am overwhelmed, distracted, exhausted, and several other “eds.”  So today, I’m just going to ask a few questions of you. A two-part question is in poll form because I think you’ll be more likely to answer honestly, if you can do so anonymously.

Most everyone who reads my blog is also a writer and a blogger.  What I’ve noticed is the wide variance of degrees to which you share your writing on your blogs. Some of you share flash stories or poems or link to your online published work. Some don’t display any samples, but you talk about your works in progress. And another portion of you share little or nothing, maybe not even revealing whether you write fiction or non-fiction.

So, here you go. First, one single and one compound question I hope you’ll answer in the comment section.

  • What do you write?
  • Do you share any examples of your writing on your blog, and why or why not?

And now for my two-part poll question.

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39 thoughts on “To share or not to share?”

  1. I share links only after it has been published for the reason JC cited above. So many places consider your blog a previous publication.


    1. Yep, that’s a big problem with sharing on your blog. Although I think it should depend on the blogger. I mean, really, if I posted a story here, how many people would read it? Five, ten tops! How does that qualify as “previous published” work?


      1. It is a bit ridiculous really, specially if you can see that the story hasn’t been read many times. Still, those appear to be the ‘rules’!


  2. I write poetry that speaks my life story usually, fictional short stories, some soft erotica, and have posted the beginning of my first novel Pimp Daddy In The Pulpit that I am currently working on, which began as a short story. I love reading your blog Linda. Your insight, and that of your readers is helpful to me.


  3. I think everyone’s pretty much covered it, and it’s not like you’re unfamiliar with what I do. But for the sake of the post, which I thought was interesting and the responses equally so…

    I write both fiction and non-fiction. Interestingly, the non-fiction agent sought ME out for the project after an introduction by a fellow writer who knows me only through my blog. It will be published later this month in the UK, and it’s very exciting even if it won’t be seen here in the States.

    My fiction, however, remains an unpaid hobby. I post things to a specific blog for my fiction, but I’ve limited it to mostly stuff I don’t think will be published elsewhere. I started doing it LONG before I found out publishers would consider a blog “previously published” and anything posted there as a “reprint”. Now, I use it almost exclusively to participate in FridayFlash exercises. The 1K word count limit is a great teacher for me. I’ve learned to control my prose a little better and it’s made me a better editor, too.

    I can try pulling stuff off my blog and letting the great oracle Google forget me but I don’t know if the ‘Net ever forgets. Nevertheless I’ll try and see what comes of it.

    I think I put it there simply because I don’t write just for my wife and me. I write for others to read. If that’s not happening for whatever reason I’m not as happy as I will be otherwise. And it’s brought me at least one really great friend.

    …and WOW, what a windbag I am! Sorry. 😦


    1. Darc, I agree that writing is meant to be shared … and we’re all hungry for that interaction, but from the poll results, so far, it looks like our blogs may not be the best way to achieve that.

      It may be different if you have a blog that is obviously focused on that, like your Friday Flash blog, people come there specifically to read your work. But on my blog they don’t come for that reason … actually, I still haven’t figured out why you all do come here, I just know it’s not to read samples of my writing. 😀


  4. What do I write? Hmm… that’s a tough question. Right now I write a little bit of everything and almost all of it is in flash fiction form. For the most part I post on my blog only my responses for the Velvet Verbosity 100word challenge (http://vv100words.blogspot.com/) as well as links to anything I get published.

    I post a lot more photography than writing; I think because right now I’m trying to concentrate on getting the writing published and having photography only as a hobby.


  5. I used to think I only wrote fiction, but I’ve written a few non-fiction articles in the past as well. I began by writing short stories. There are one or two links to published stories on my site but most of my work has appeared in print journals. These days I’m concentrating on ya and middle readers, and the occasional short story if I feel stirred to write one.


    1. I would have no qualms about posting links to published fiction, Laura. I’m a curious (nosey?) person, I always look for either links like that or samples of writer’s work when I go to a new blog. In fact, I pretty much read everything on my friends’ blogs eventually. 🙂


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