She Writes and She Updates

Another brief post and more questions for you today. At least I haven’t resorted to  repeating posts from last year.

Okay then, topic of the day is She Writes. I joined this group within the first week of its inception … and then I pretty much forgot about it. This morning, I read that it will celebrate its one-year anniversary later this month, and I started wondering how many of you might also be members. If you are, I have some questions for you:

  • Are you an active member?
  • If you are, what exactly does active mean?
  • What benefits have you received from She Writes?
  • In other words, what am I missing out on?

Now, for a brief update on my Creativity Workshop progress. My goal this week was to write the fourth, and last, poem for my first set of goals. This week’s poem was to depict Autumn as a middle-aged woman—the second half of motherhood. So, on Monday I compiled a list of appropriate words and phrases. Then, a life situation derailed me for the next three days, and I resigned myself to marking this week as a fail. But on Friday morning, as I sat in the cool of my backyard with a cup of ginger tea in hand, words started aligning themselves. Autumn spoke to me for a while, and then I came in and wrote the poem. It’s in prose form. I’m not completely satisfied with it, but I’m grateful I got something written this week.

From this first set, I learned that I can write a poem on demand, possibly of the same quality as my other poems … of course, that’s not saying much! 😀 I also discovered that there is far more to learn about writing poetry than I imagined. I have a new level of admiration for those who are able to write a poem that moves me.

The next set of goals, is to write four short stories. Originally, these four were to be horror or psychological suspense, but I don’t want to be thinking dark thoughts right now. My last set was to be four stories centered on the theme of place, so I’m switching the order.

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24 thoughts on “She Writes and She Updates

  1. I’m pretty sure I signed up a couple months ago and then promptly forgot about it/put it aside to explore later… I really should do that… you know, one of these days.


  2. I’d never heard of it, but will be watching to see what others say in comments.

    Well done on getting your fourth poem done, and good luck with the coming short stories 🙂


  3. I signed up, but got lost looking for something of interest to me. Too much talk, talk, talk. I felt like I was drowning.

    Well done on tackling that final poem – I am looking forward to reading these post, workshop, if you are inclined to share 🙂


  4. I post my blog there. I think it is a lot like twitter, but for women writers only. There is a lot of chat there, and I am like some of your other commenters: I can only do “so much” social media, and I choose to spend my time on twitter, because I think it reaches a bigger audience. There are so many great sites that are set up just like “SheWrites,” like “Blogher,” some Etsy sites, and quite a few Mommy blog sites as well. I get overwhelmed by trying to participate on all of them, and simply go right back to twitter! molly


  5. Ditto! Signed up, my blogs there, was active for awhile in the flash fiction group … keep meaning to re-engage but haven’t yet.

    I’ve received some blog traffic from SheWrites and I think if I was engaged, I’d benefit from the community. Thanks for bumping it up the “to do” list, Linda. 🙂


  6. Congratulations on your workshop progress, Linda! Sorry I have not been around to comment much lately; we had some major internet woes in the last two weeks, and being in the middle of nowhere, I feel like I lost the thread of workshop participants’ progress. Glad to know it’s gone well for you. 🙂

    As for SheWrites, I didn’t try that one yet. I signed up for BlogHer and was promptly defeated by its hugeness. I felt like I was lost in a labyrinth, really, and I didn’t see how time spent there would help move me forward as a writer, you know?


    1. I read about your DSL problems. 😦 I hope they’ve really fixed it this time.

      I try to read all the workshop blogs (offline) but rarely have time to comment, so you’re doing much better than I am.

      I felt the same way about She Writes. I’m just not sure what to do there.


  7. She Writes: overwhelmed. Haven’t even had much time to blog let alone get into all those conversations. I keep thinking once I have something to promote it could come in handy. At least we know it’s there if we need it. Like another commenter, when I get back into it, I prefer Twitter.


  8. Hi, haven’t stopped by in a while. My twins graduated from HS and it’s been crazy. I am what I consider to be a fairly active members of SheWrites. What works for me is the groups. I am most active in Mother Writer! and Bloggers, Let’s Make it Work. I have met some interesting writers there and developed some good contacts and followers of my blog. I’m not crazy about the way ning works; I wish it was more like Facebook, where comments to discussions were included in emails, not just a link to the threads. There are some pretty powerful writers associated with SheWrites.

    I also find interesting writing contests and blogs through the groups. The blogging group has a weekly curator who reviews 3 to 5 blogs a week, doing a lot of work for me.

    I signed up fairly early on with SheWrites, so perhaps that’s why I’ve been able to manage my level of participation there. It’s been interesting to watch a social networking site grow from scratch. I was completely overwhelmed by BlogHer and still haven’t figured out how to navigate that site.


    1. Susan, thanks for explaining how SheWrites works for you. I think I’m a member of the Bloggers group. I really haven’t given SW a chance, so I guess I should do that. It seems there’s never enough time for everything.


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