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Blogger, know thyself!

I hate the word bored. I find it hard to conceive that someone of any intelligence and imagination could ever be bored.


So, I’m alarmed to realize that I’m very close to feeling something like boredom with what I’ve been posting on my blog. I spend far too much time talking about my writing woes. Yes, writing is hard. Capturing an agent’s interest in what you’ve written is harder. Getting something published is harder still. Alas, I’m preaching to the choir. Move on.

Move on to what? Something more upbeat, surely. I’m not sure which type posts work best for me, and I’m not able to find any pattern by considering which posts have gotten the most comments. I’ve been looking around the blogosphere, and these things I know:  I’m not a teacher, news commentator, or social analyst; I’m not able to provide interesting interviews or intelligent book reviews; I can’t make you laugh, or entertain you with great flash fiction or poetry, and I certainly can’t make a music video for you like Kayla did. What shall I do?

I won’t say I have no right to blog because everyone has that right, but I’m no longer sure I have a purpose for blogging. Or maybe just not a good enough purpose. But I’m searching for one because I would miss my blog. Warning: I have a couple posts in the queue, but then you may see some odd posts before I “find myself.” I hope you can stand to bear with me for a while.

Now, I’m off to start a portrait. That should give me plenty of pondering time.

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26 thoughts on “Blogger, know thyself!”

  1. I don’t think you really need a “purpose” to blog- I blog because there are some things I wish to tell to whoever would like to listen 🙂 And you certainly don’t have to make any music videos or post funny stories, I think you have an awesome blog just as it is!


  2. For the record, my schedule has prevented me from visiting and commenting much on your blog. (Tonight I’m giving up on sleep.) From what I see in my email, your average post still contains more focus and entertainment value than mine. That’s what draws me back again and again. I keep hoping you’ll rub off on me.

    Good luck with the portrait. Will it be of a character or someone else you know?


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