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Monday Melting Pot

In a previous post, when I talked about Tim O’Brien’s book, I told you I was reading two short story collections and had planned to write about the second one today. Alas, I haven’t finished reading it yet, so I’ll just catch up on a few other bloggery things.

From the results of my last poll, it appears that most of you don’t really care to read samples of writers’ work when you visit their blogs. In light of that, I should be thankful I got even a handful of comments when I’ve shared a flash or poem in the past. I haven’t figured out what you do prefer to read—maybe another poll is in order. If I possessed that particular golden ticket, and my blog readership skyrocketed, I could brag about my “platform” in my agent query letter. How soon do you think I could increase my daily post hits to at least a thousand? 😉

I’m sure you all remember the momentous day I blogged about bacon presses, so I thought I should update you. I did buy the one pictured, and as you can see, it works perfectly to keep the bacon flat. The bacon cooks evenly, but it also cooks faster, so I’ve had to watch the timing. What is it about bacon that people love so much? Within my circle, there is only one carnivore who doesn’t like it, but then she doesn’t like any pork product.

Because I’m a research addict, I went online to further my bacon knowledge. What we in the USA call bacon, is not necessarily what the citizens of other countries know as bacon. Americans refer to fried, smoked pork belly when they speak of bacon. Non-Americans may call that “streaky bacon” because their preferred bacon is leaner, cut from the sides and back of the pig—although there’s also “fatback” cut from the back, which is almost pure fat. What we Americans call “Canadian bacon” is back bacon. I also discovered that what I grew up calling jowl bacon, was not jowl at all, but just belly bacon with the rind left on. For the record, my favorite bacon is applewood smoked. And now I really, really, really want a BLT.

If you’ve been keeping track of my Creativity Workshop progress, you may have wondered why there was no update posted yesterday. Well, the simple answer is there wasn’t any progress to report. My goal last week was to write a short story, one of four connected by place, but I only managed to write maybe half a story. I know the rest of the story, so I’ll get it written eventually. I also failed to do Merrilee’s writing exercise, in fact, I forgot she posted an exercise. But I’m giving myself a pass because this was a busy week, with the end-of-school awards and a high-school graduation.

That’s not to say I did no writing this week. I wrote three little poems; it seems all I have to do is be quiet in the morning, especially on the way home after driving my husband to work. I also finished my final polish and format clean-up of my novel. This time I know I’ve done all I can do because I’m down to deleting and inserting commas.

Okay, that’s that. Thanks to all who participated in my weekend discussion on publishing options. Today, I hope to finally get my new dishwasher installed, and then I will—once again—ignore the crabgrass that is taking over my flowerbeds because it’s supposed to be 100° F here today and I truly, totally cannot stand to sweat.

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8 thoughts on “Monday Melting Pot”

  1. Oh, dishwasher. I have envy. We HAVE a dishwasher, it just doesn’t work, and I can’t justify spending money on fixing it right now despite the fact that it would no doubt save me many tears and much stress what with the whole newborn arrival thing happening soon.

    Anyways… half a story is better than none at all 🙂 thank you for sharing a pic of the bacon press! I now fully understand its purpose, so I’ve learned my new thing today *whew* nice to have that out of the way early (8am here).

    Hope this week is better for the short stories than last!


    1. I got my first dishwasher right after the birth of my fourth child. That was the birth my husband actually witnessed and he was so impressed with what I endured he rewarded me. 😀

      Thank you for the well wishes and I hope your writing spurt continues.


  2. Mmm…baaaaaaacon. I want a BLT too now, thanks. 😉

    I like your blog the way it is. Is that all right? I don’t have very refined tastes, so it might be an insult, but I like it just the way you have it. 🙂


  3. I too have dishwasher envy. And I don’t think you should change the blog unless they’re changes you want to make. As for the thousand hits a day, I don’t know what to tell you. I’m happy to get several thousand a month on my main blog — and have trouble keeping up with the commenting and e-mail answering and design maintenance that goes along with that. I’ve sometimes longed for the days when I wrote in a vaccuum. (Nah, not really. 😉

    Good luck with this week of the workshop!


    1. Several thousand a month?! I would be in shock if I had that many. But yeah, I can see that would take a lot of time to keep up with.

      And thanks for the well wishes. This will be another difficult week to find adequate time, but I’ll do my best. Good luck to you too.


  4. I’m curious about your next poll; I’m also wondering what people would like to read more on blogs 🙂
    It’s also like 100000 degrees over here and I’m thinking about getting inside the dishwasher so I can stop sweating! Of course the fridge will do just fine as well… 😉


    1. If I can think how to write compose an effective poll, Lua, I’ll do that.

      I’m not looking forward to the next ten weeks or so here. We just have heat, heat, heat with no rain … like living in an oven.


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