Come on, let me in!

Sometimes—usually after receiving a rejection letter—I think about writing for the market. The problem is, the novel trend today is not necessarily what will be hot next publishing season. No, make that at least two seasons from the time you polish up your manuscript.

So I want to know: how are all these other writers clued in? I understand the YA (young adult) craze—it started after J. K. Rowling’s success, but how is it so many writers typed out vampire books at the same time? And now it seems they all knew to write Amish novels.

Do agents get together, decide the next trend, and then spread the word to their clients? Or is it the writers themselves who’ve banded together? Do they have a secret handshake, telling blog icon, Facebook status code word, exclusive Twitter hashtag?

Come on, let me in on it. Please. Pretty please. I, too, want to make an agent see dollar signs when s/he reads my query letter.

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39 thoughts on “Come on, let me in!

  1. Linda, very sorry to see you are feeling down a bit overall. On the trend question – maybe this is a theory that I was dreaming up on a long dark night (as I have no recollection from where) but I heard that books that are in the slush piles or on hold with publishers are getting more attention as soon as a genre hits it off. That’s why they are out so quickly. They have been there but nobody had the courage/belief to publish because the genre was deemed “dead” until then.
    Hope this sounds as plausible to you as it does to me. And keep up the faith.


    1. Thank you, Eva. I’m on the mend. 🙂

      Hmmm, I wonder how that will work in the future since fewer and fewer publishers allow unsolicited submissions nowadays? And do agents keep submissions after they reject them? Surely not, so I guess it would be better to have your partial or full waiting in an agent’s slush pile for a long time, just in case the trends change in your favor. In any case, I don’t think I could write to a trend anyway, unless it happened to be one I was already interested in.


      1. Am sure that your way is the right and only way to go.

        Just have been rejected for my manuscript that is too hard to market (in spite getting good feedback on writing itself). Still I am convinced that I can only write well if I am there with my whole heart. Trends come and go, they might just stop by at your big topic one day… All the best.


  2. I don’t understand how they work out trends but all I know is that I am writing something I MUST write and it’s important to me whether or not it’s part of trend or all that, and if it wasn’t a trend, would I stop writing it? NO, because I didn’t start writing to become famous or even make money (though money would be nice)

    Personally, I don’t think it’s possible to try to write to follow a trend, you have to write about what interest YOU – If for example, Science Fiction novels suddenly became the rage, does that mean I’d attempt to write one? No, because I’d not be any good at it.

    As the cliche goes: Write what you know…

    I do hope you get someone soon though, I’m sure it’s very disheartening, I haven’t even started myself yet so I still have to go through all that one day 😦


    1. Seriously, Alannah, unless it was something I was already planning to write, I could never write to a trend either. At least, not write well because I wouldn’t enjoy it.

      And thank you for the good thought. Sooner or later. I’ll keep writing anyway.


  3. I want in too!!

    I guess if we had an answer to this problem we’d all be on the best sellers list. Then again, I don’t think I have the energy to write about vampires so maybe not. 🙂


    1. Welcome to my blog and thank you for leaving a comment. Come back and join the conversation often. 🙂 Good luck on your writing and your blogging.

      Your name doesn’t link to your blog yet. You can leave a link if you want us to visit.


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