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Oh yeah, 100 things you really need to know about me!

Today, I’m packing to go on a short trip, and because family will be returning home with us to stay a few days, I also had to clean my house. No small feat. I think it’s terribly unfair to have to prepare for both things at the same time. *pout* Anyway. I didn’t have time to write something brilliant, and besides I won’t be here to respond to your equally brilliant comments. So, I’m taking the easy way out. It’s a Fun Friday.

The title of this post is a joke, of course. You know all you need to know about me, but Dayner and Trista took the plunge, so if you click on their names you can read their 100 things. I actually started making a list, but then I read it and thought, who in their right mind would want to know any of this! I am not unique. Well … I rarely eat chocolate. Does that count?

We don’t have to come up with interesting facts about ourselves to be published writers, do we? I’m doomed if that’s a requirement. I could make up stuff. I write fiction; I think I could manage that. I could just picture myself as one of my characters … you know, someone interesting. Hey, since I’m headed out of town, why don’t you do it for me?

You tell me the facts. Then, if I ever need to fill out a questionnaire, I’ll be set. You could be serious and tell me something you’ve learned about me from this blog, but then I’d still be boring old me, wouldn’t I? No, it’s probably better if you use your character description skills and make me sound fabulous, mysterious, funny, outrageous … whatever. I don’t care. Heck, tell me ten things, if you get on a roll.

I don’t know if I’ll be able to check in while I’m gone, but when I get back, I want to learn all about me. This is the quintessential “You tell me.” Don’t let me down.

Ready … set … go!

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12 thoughts on “Oh yeah, 100 things you really need to know about me!”

  1. I’m afraid I haven’t really been reading long enough to know much about you. I know you love bacon and peaches, seem fairly organized, and that you’re very welcoming. Aside from that, I’m pretty much in the dark, but looking forward to seeing what other people will post.

    Enjoy that vacation!


  2. I’m making things up because I think it’s fun:

    1. You primarily read 17th century novels written by British sea captains.
    2. Although you strive for consistency in all things, you frequently pronounce the word “neither” in either of the accepted manners, depending on where it falls in a sentence. You always pronounce “either” the same.
    3. You have a morbid fear of tomato plants.
    4. When your great-grandfather died, he left you a lucky stone which you still keep under your pillow, right next to your copy of Strunk & White.
    5. When you’re sure you’re alone, you sing arias from your favorite operas.

    Hmm… this gives me an idea. Maybe I should write stories about people I’ve never met based on who I imagine them to be.


    1. There you go, Rebecca! 😀 I love these. I’m sounding more interesting already.

      And what a novel idea to write stories about people we’ve never met based on who I imagine them to be! I’m going to try that when I get back home. 😀


  3. * You love roses and I’m not just saying that because it’s in the title of your novel, I’m saying that because I’ve seen your roses and I’ve seen how interested you are in other peoples roses.

    *You love to cook (and do it well).

    *You are an amazing artist.

    *You make gorgeous jewelry.

    *You believe in fairies and love hummingbirds.

    *Your prose makes my prose want to hide in shame.

    *You attract whackoes and nut jobs (which is why I’m still here).

    *You are unnecessarily (and unfairly) hard on yourself and a major perfectionist.

    *You like and appreciate old homes/architecture.

    *You have beautiful children and grandchildren.

    That’s 10. Do you want me to keep going? 🙂 I think you are very interesting and I’m glad you’re my friend.


  4. Adding onto what Kasie wrote,
    You bake splendid bread on a regular basis.
    You raised sons without going nuts.
    You are a grammar genius.
    A lover of Southern Fiction and characters.
    You get frustrated with people but hide it well.
    You have a great laugh.
    You have a way with words that I admire.
    You like Cambria.
    You throw great online parties.
    You are a perfectionist.


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