Morning Meditation

Hush. Night fades to silver, holding its breath, waiting, waiting. Pink rises from the mountaintops, trailing gold from its toes, lighter, lighter. You hear it in your soul, feel it, see it, the rising chorus, the symbol crash, the sun breaking, glorious, as dawn arrives triumphant. Sing.

Most of my days, I rise before dawn. It’s a magical time. Still. Quiet … a few bird twitters. I am awake, yet not. If possible, I would spend the first few hours of my day silent. It seems appropriate. Listen before I speak.

Summer sunrises are my favorite. A pastel wash over dewy grass. A cool appetizer before a sizzling day. A promise. For even when you despair of life, dawn offers you the possibility that today will be different. Today will be a new beginning.


This day.

Take it and fly.

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33 thoughts on “Morning Meditation

  1. I love this, Linda, especially since I’ve had one of those up-before-dawn, quiet, inspiring mornings today. Lately, that time of day has become my favorite time to write. I make coffee, oatmeal, and leave most of the lights off, with only morning light and windows to make the room bright. It’s so relaxing, and quite conducive to writing, I think.

    Hope you have a wonderful day! 🙂


  2. I know what you mean. When I used to hunt it was much more about being in the woods and hearing and seeing the morning come alive.


  3. I’m reading this at night, close to 10, when the children are sleeping and the baby finally conked out, and the husband is outside, and all is still…..and think how much this applies at this time of day for me when I will be up throughout the night with the baby nursing. It catches the joy of it for me. Amazing how writing can have so many meanings.


  4. Even when I walk my wife to her car every Monday through Friday at 4 a.m. there is a certain peace that engulfs our street.


  5. I am not a morning person, so I cannot possibly get up that early as I do not start to function until past noon 🙂

    Sometimes though, I am going to be around dawn, so I still get to experience that otherworldy quiet.

    Dusk for me, is another time that has a certain magic.


      1. Ah isn’t that interesting. I absolutely adore dusk, it’s the light quality I like. It’s amazing how different our views can be, isn’t it.
        I was staying up until dawn when I was 15 and oh dear, I am still doing it and I am certainly a LOT older than 15 now…hee hee


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