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I’m back … but I’m not

I’m just dropping in to say that I’m back home, but have a houseful of family, so I’m too busy to write a real post. Thank you to all who left comments on my two last posts. I think I’ve caught up on my responses. I will catch up on reading all your blog posts as soon as I can.

I will tell more in the next post, so for now I’m posting a few photos taken during our trip. (Why yes, Elijah does have long hair!) Can anyone tell where we went?

The marina, but where?

Peace for Adrienne.

Katherine (in stroller), Adrienne, Elijah sitting on what?
Elijah and Katherine patiently waiting in line where?
Part of that line waiting for what?
Little boy, big fish.
Do you recognize this skyline?
Looking left from our hotel window ...
... and to the right.

I’ll be back for real, soon. I know you can’t wait. 🙂

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