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I refuse to dye my hair!

In years past, when I got tired of how I looked, I would dye my hair. It’s been just about every “natural” shade from platinum to black. But I gave that up. A couple years ago, I decided to let it go truly natural, gray though that may be.

I’ve transferred my former obsession to my blog. I’m tired of how it looks. I switched themes not too long ago, but I’ve had the same banner photo for so long I can’t remember when I started using it. It doesn’t have any particular significance to me. I chose it because the colors look good on my monitor.

I used to use a scene of the surf where the majority of my novel The Brevity of Roses takes place. Then, it occurred to me, I will be writing more novels—not set seaside. Plus, when Brevity is published, it will have its own little virtual place and I can use that photo again, if I like.

I’m saying all this as a heads-up. Don’t be alarmed if you come here one day and everything looks different. Or everything looks different than it did the day before that. Change is afoot. After all, eventually you just have to change into different writing pajamas. You know?

And speaking of changes … In the next few months, or sooner, I will be setting up a website and connecting this blog to it. I don’t anticipate disaster when I do, but that’s what I said every time I installed more ram or a new soundcard or whatever and those ventures usually turned into bigger deals than I planned. Worry not! I will give notice when the move is imminent, so if the blog temporarily disappears, you’ll know I wasn’t kidnapped by aliens or something.

In other blog matters, if you hadn’t noticed, WordPress has now given us an easy way to add a Tweet button to our posts. Just go to your Dashboard to activate it under Appearances > Extras. However, it appears the WP button only shows up on the actual post page, not the Home page or in the Feed, so I will continue to use my TweetMeme button as well because some people just don’t give a fig about clicking through.

Sorry, not such an exciting post today. If any of you have any tips—or warnings—about mapping a blog to a new domain, or switching over to a self-hosted WordPress blog, do speak up. The sanity you save may be mine. 😀

Kaleidoscope photo credit: Song_sing – Song_sing’s photo stream at Flickr

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26 thoughts on “I refuse to dye my hair!”

    1. I’ve been watching your set-up, Cathryn. I probably shouldn’t have announced I was building a website so soon. Knowing my indecisiveness, it could take months for me just to pick a color scheme. 🙂


  1. Yes, mine was delayed waiting for a friend who’s a photographer … I probably mentioned it too soon as well, but it’s hard not to, as you know.


  2. Wow-I’m impressed. I would love to hear how this change-over is going. I would like to separate, but I have enough challenges just trying to use this format. Speaking of which, how did you get your categories to show the number of posts in that category (on your sidebar)?


    1. I may end up doing what you do, Cynthia, have a website that just links to this blog. I’d like to make them look similar though, like yours does.

      I use the Categories widget instead of the Category Cloud, and you can choose to show it as a drop down, or a list with post counts.


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