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Je suis désolé

Dear blog readers, I owe you an apology for my hit and miss posts this month. I’ll excuse myself just a bit because I’ve not felt well physically, and maybe because of that, maybe not, my morale plummeted. To be honest, I’ve been downright surly. It’s probably a good thing I pretty much abandoned Twitter and avoided commenting on many of your blogs.

With my mood, it’s been a struggle to think up something to blog about, so if you’re still reading my every post, you deserve an award. Speaking of which, I apologize to Suzanne Conboy-Hill for taking so long to acknowledge the award she presented to me. She says it’s “It’s for blogs with cattitude, scattitude, or sheer scatalogitude (feisty, funny, or downright good n dirty!).” She designed this one herself, and since the smaller version that fits in my widget area doesn’t do it justice, here it is in all its glory.

So, please hang in there with me. I’ll try to get a post worthy of your time (and Suzanne’s award) written soon. Maybe I just need more sleep.

26 thoughts on “Je suis désolé”

  1. sleep is a wonder cure for so many things -I hope the early night helps and you feel back to your normal self soon! No need to apologise, we all hit those points from time to time 😉


      1. lol so true! I just keep thinking how super amazing productive I’ll be when I’m getting a solid nights sleep – I may even take over the world 😉


  2. Linda, you are a great writer. Repeat that sentence everyday ten times. I haven’t read your work, but reading your blog tells me that you understand and like people in general. People who need people… la la la, Barbara Streisand singing this, not I … are the luckiest la la la… people in the world… la la la. Everyone has days of feeling down and unappreciated. It’s just a season of melancholy. Writers and other artists are born into it. This, too, shall pass. I know. Why don’t I just shut up?


  3. Yes, definitely, some sleep! But not until you’ve had a nice bubble bath or whatever soothes you — and a nice glass of wine….maybe two….

    I look forward to more of your good blog posts!


  4. I wouldn’t worry too much – I have been in the same boat. At least you have been posting – I’ve pretty much given it up until the house I’m living in is done. We still don’t have electricity. How’s that for surly? Chin up, maybe it’s just one of those months. I’m still reading, and yours is still one of my favorites. Keep it up!


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