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I’ll tell you; you tell me

I have a serious writing post coming up next time, so stay tuned, but today it’s a free for all. Well, unless some of you would like to send me money. (Email me for my Paypal account info.) Anyway before I so rudely interrupted myself, I was saying … pretty much nothing. Never mind.

Tip o’ the Day: I don’t want you to live to the ripe old age of none-of-your-business, like I did, before you learn a genuine cure for hiccups, so I’m going to help you out. I read this somewhere (could have been on your blog) awhile back, but since I’m not often afflicted with synchronous diaphragmatic flutter, I had to wait until my husband obliged to test it. He did so last week, and it worked. Then yesterday, I had the pleasure of proving it myself—twice.

Now, I guess you’d like me to tell you the secret. I’m sure some—heck, probably all of you know this already, since I seem always to be the last to get the memo. Anyway, here it is. Take five tiny sips of water as fast as you can and Abracadabra! Truly, it feels like magic. Minus the sparkles.

Oh gosh. I’m sorry. I just discovered there’s a law stating I can’t write a post without some reference to writing. Soooo …as you may know, (because I blog about it incessantly) I’ve been doing a final final edit of my novel. I’ve finished that on paper, and now I’m about ankle deep in transferring all my scribbles to my Word file. This edit proved to have an effect on me akin to jumping bare nekkid into the Chukchi Sea in December. I. Am. Wide. Awake. Now. My illusions of grandeur have gone bye-bye. There will be no Pulitzer Prize in my future.

This is what I know about my writing. My strengths are dialogue and characterization. I think. And I don’t really suck at description, I just forget to add it sometimes. On second thought, maybe only dialogue is my thing. Or maybe not dialogue, but …

Your turn: Tell me, tell me, tell me, what do you feel are your strengths and weaknesses in your writing?

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19 thoughts on “I’ll tell you; you tell me”

  1. My 100% effective hiccup cure:

    Fill a glass with about 8 oz of cold water. Empty out as much as air possible from lungs. Chug water. Inhale.

    Has never, ever failed me.


    1. Well, of course, I had to test this, even though I didn’t have hiccups, but found I can’t take even a sip of water unless I inhale first. So if you have to do it without breathing, I’m afraid this one won’t work for me.


  2. Nothing like a good cure for hiccups, I always say. Well. actually I’ve never said it until this moment.

    Strengths in my writing– I might say dialogue. Of course that’s just my humble opinion.

    I try not to dwell on the weaknesses. 🙂


    1. “Nothing like a good cure for hiccups, I always say. Well. actually I’ve never said it until this moment.” Why, Laura, I think that’s the funniest thing I’ve heard you say. 😀

      I don’t want to dwell on my weaknesses, but I do need to acknowledge them or I’ll never improve.


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