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Brain dead, pressed, interviewed, and cleaning up … it’s all here, folks!

I have suddenly gone brain dead. I’m blaming it on allergies. I should have put a new post up yesterday, but I couldn’t think of anything to say, so I played about a thousand games of Peggle instead. And, obviously, my brain is not functioning any better today because I’ve just written over fifty words of nothing. That’s no way to get a blog post selected for Freshly Pressed, now is it?

For those of you unfortunate enough to have a Blogspot blog, you may not know that when a blog post is Freshly Pressed it means WordPress highlights your blog on their front page for a day. You get hundreds of visitors. I have not yet been honored, but some of my friends have. Christi Craig hit the jackpot twice this month. Twice! Do you think if I talked her into doing a guest post here, I would get Pressed too?

A.M. Kuska has created a writers blog directory at The Written Connection. She’s included my blog and also interviewed me—scary thought, huh? You can read it here, if you’re interested. Check the directory for your favorite writing blog. If it’s not there, nominate it.

It’s almost that time of year again! No. I don’t mean National Novel Writing Month. November is NaHoCleMo—National House Cleaning Month for those of us whose housekeeping suffers because we’re writing junkies. You can read all the whys and wherefores here. And, if you’d like to clean along, you can get a counter, like the one to the right of this post here, for your blog or website. In 2009, I set my goal far too high. Seriously, you can’t go from 0 to 5,000 in one month without hurting someone, so this year I’m setting my goal at 2,700 minutes. I think I can reach that and still make progress on my new novel.

One last thing: I’ve giving you fair warning. There’s a theme change coming as soon as I can find the time to make sure things don’t go wonky. So don’t freak if you come here one day soon and nothing looks familiar. It will be the same pig, just in a new dress.

Have a lovely weekend.

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31 thoughts on “Brain dead, pressed, interviewed, and cleaning up … it’s all here, folks!”

    1. Amanda, you can’t be Mrs. Clean for one month a year???? 😀 I almost cleaned out a drawer today and then I thought, No, wait. I’ll do that after NaHoCleMo starts.” It was a good excuse anyway.


  1. I look forward to seeing your theme change. I don’t know how to change my theme. I’m not sure how I got the one I have. Later maybe I’ll think about it.

    NoHoCleMo. I read the links. Cool way to get cleaning done. I haven’t lived here long enough to be in crisis yet. Yet… Do I sound like a procrastinator?

    I like the idea of the writers blog directory by amkuska. I read your interview. This is making me think about the question: What is a writer’s blog? I write; I blog. I enjoy blogs about writing. I would readily agree that your blog is a blog about writing, and more, which is good. But is my blog about writing? I don’t really think so, even though I created it to advance my writing. I am having a blog identity crisis here. It’s okay. Congrats on being featured in a great directory. I will definitely use this directory to discover other writing blogs.


    1. Well, Carol, if you ever get adventurous, go to your DASHBOARD and scoll down on the left until you see Appearances and click Themes. Just make sure you click PREVIEW not Activate until you’re sure which one you’d like to try out. If you see a theme you like on someone’s elses WordPress blog, look at the bottom of the home page and it should tell you the name of the theme they’re using.

      You’re definitely a writer, but I’m not sure how to define a “writers blog.” I write mainly fiction, but I don’t usually share that on my blog. Maybe we should ask A. for a definition.


        1. I hope I don’t challenge your WordPress skills too much, Carol, but you can also register a test blog (set it to private) and try out different themes. I export my real blog and then import it to the test one to see what it will look like with all my posts and sidebars.


  2. You are too funny, Linda! Great Written Connection interview — I enjoyed it. I will be NaNo-ing, but I assure you, my house will remain open and available for anyone with a surplus of vacuuming energy. The pets are shedding on the furniture NOW in anticipation.


    1. Funny? 😉 You know, we should have an obsession exchange. Of course, where would we find clean freaks who need ghostwriters? Believe it or not, I’d rather clean than NaNo … and that’s saying a lot! Good luck to both of us on reaching our November goals.


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