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Abuse of Power

Um, yeah, about my last post… I try to be honest on this blog, for your sake as well as mine, but sometimes I should censor myself. Though I asked an honest question at the end of that post, my responses in comments revealed the depth of my personal fear.

After reading all your comments, I felt I almost forced you to encourage me because not doing so would discourage yourself. Negativity brings us all down. I apologize for mine. I’m in a tailspin, but that’s no excuse for abusing my “power” as a blogger.

This is a time of year when I realize most how many things in my life I’ve let slide so I can concentrate on writing. Naturally, that leads to re-evaluating how well I spend my time. But your life is, most likely, much different from mine. I’m in a writing for publication crash course, and this leads to a great deal of impatience and frustration.

That is my problem, not yours. But thank you for caring. Now, go write something fantastic.

Photo credits: Timucin Kantar – Timucin Kantar’s photo stream at Flickr

16 thoughts on “Abuse of Power”

  1. Let’s not forget the power of the universe on our moods. Can you say full moon? It affects me all the time. Can you say the days are getting shorter, the nights are getting longer? Ditto.

    The tide rises; the tide falls.

    Confidence, too, waxes and wanes. Just. Keep. Going.


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