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Where did the writer go?

My life is not my own right now. My schedule has blown up, NaNoCleMo is on my back, and I have a lot of writing decisions clanging around in my head. What’s missing from my life is any real writing. No stories, no poems, no progress on the next novel. Nothing.

It’s weird. I’m not at all sure I’m me. I think I’m a clone. The real me couldn’t make her NaNoCleMo goal last year because she couldn’t keep away from the keyboard. Weird me is right on track this year. The problem is not writer’s block. It’s more like writer’s amnesia—or maybe not.

Maybe the real me is on writer’s retreat. Yeah, that’s it. Let this pseudo Linda take care of the several important tasks needing completion by the end of the month. Then she can go away and let real Linda return—with all the fabulous writing she’ll undoubtedly compile while away.

But let’s hope the clone presently in charge comes up with a better blog post next time. It’s the least she can do.


35 thoughts on “Where did the writer go?”

  1. Yesterday I woke up and realized I’d forced myself to write every word for the last month. Zee mojo, he has gone…

    But then I woke up today and zee mojo, he is back.

    He comes and goes, he swims when it snows.
    From whence he comes, no one knows.



  2. Great picture, post, and comments. I especially love John’s comment.

    I could be fooling myself, but I’m a big believer that even though I might not be typing away at a story or a novel, ideas are still taking root or gestating or are on the verge.

    Still, I know what you mean. One thing that fired me up recently was a four-hour workshop full of quick writing prompts. I walked away with a whole list of new story ideas.

    Hang in there and look at the bright side: a clean house 🙂


    1. Absolutely, Christi. I’m pretty much always writing, even in my dreams lately. I compose poems or plot stories or write dialogue while showering, driving, cooking, cleaning, staring at the TV. Writing is truly a full-time occupation.

      You were born for writing prompts, Christi. They paralyze me.

      A clean house? Yeah, nice, but I’d trade that in an instant for a killer novel idea. 😉


  3. I’ve had that clone feeling a lot lately. Writer me is definitely taking a backseat at the moment, though I would love to have more time to write.
    At least you know it’ll be back. I guess that’s a sign of a ‘real’ writer (that term always cracks me up lol).


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