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Thinking about self-publishing?

If you’re a fiction writer, you’ve probably heard buzz about self-publishing—pro and con. And if you’re aware of the current state of traditional publishing, I expect you’ve wondered if self-publishing is right for you.

If you investigated at all, you surely read about J. A. Konrath’s success. Yes, you may have thought, but he was successful in traditional publishing before he went to self-pub. But then you may have read about Karen McQuestion, who’s had success as a self-published author without previous traditional publication. You might have gone as far as reading Zoe Winters’ ebook titled Smart Self-Publishing: Becoming an Indie Author.

Perhaps you know someone who’s taken the plunge. I’ve discussed this subject with Michelle Davidson Argyle who self-published a novella a few months ago. And also with Cathryn Grant who will become an indie author with her debut novel in January.

Of course, in the interest of balanced research, you would have read the views from the opposite side too. Eric Blank on the Pimp My Novel blog is one who’s spoken often against it. If you follow them online, I’m sure you’ve seen agents and editors blog their views on the subject. A few may even be in favor of it for some—mostly non-fiction—authors.

Certainly, as the popularity of electronic readers grows, the traditional publishing industry is undergoing changes. With the the quest for a traditional publishing contract getting harder, and the process of self-publication becoming easier all the time—both as ebooks and print-on-demand—many writers will consider the option of cutting out the middle-man and going indie. There’s much to discuss, so …

Your turn: Tell me, please, have you considered self-publishing? What are your thoughts? What are your questions?

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