A pinch of this and drop of that

I’m taking a short break from blogging about the publishing dilemma, but since I’m in for a penny I might as well spend the whole pound, so I’ll return to that topic in my next post. Today’s post is just a potpourri of little bits floating around my mind.

NaHoCleMo: In case you hadn’t noticed, today is the first day of December. For some of you that’s the end of NaNoWriMo, but for me and a few, it’s the end of NaHoCleMo. I’m declaring myself a winner even though I only made it to 92%. I was sick with a cold for over a week, and though I tried valiantly to catch up, I barely limped along after mid-month. But for a virus, I would have made it.

I don’t know if Barbara ever tackled those bookcases. Kasie seemed to have given up toward the end … or maybe she had a cold too. Kayla did the ultimate cleaning, by packing everything into boxes and calling a moving truck. For those of you who were on a mad dash to write 50,000 words, how did you fare?

Facebook: In my sidebar (temporarily at the top) you’ll see a new widget. I now have a Facebook author page … well, actually, only a writer page, but as soon as I publish, it will be an author page. If you click the widget, it will take you there. If you want to keep up on my exciting life as a writer, click again on the LIKE button at the top. My wee little writer’s page is pretty bare now, but it’s been live for less than 24 hours. Give me some time, and I’m sure I’ll amaze and enthrall you. 🙂

Claustrophobia: Occasionally, I’m a bit claustrophobic. Sometimes it takes a weird form, like when I broke my hand and freaked out the first night with the cast—my hand was being smothered! Lately, I’m feeling that way when I view my blog; it feels too crowded in here. I’m giving you a heads up. If you come here one day and notice sections have disappeared from my sidebar, look to the top of this blog and you’ll see they’ve only moved to a new page.

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33 thoughts on “A pinch of this and drop of that

    1. Oh, please! I did some deep-cleaning, like craft closet, pantry cupboard, drawers, but I kept on cluttering to have simple things to pick up and put away. 🙂 But you know, the older I get the more that Japanese minimalist look appeals to me. It just doesn’t look comfy.


  1. I have been thinking I should mop my floor for about 8 days! Yikes! I will have to start NaHo myself soon if my life doesn’t quit going haywire. I think it’s great that you did 92% of a 30-day plan! It’s taken me 8 days to warm up to the mop!

    Blessings to you in your new endeavors…


        1. I did it! I mopped yesterday. My shoe stuck to the floor in front of the stove. I had to soak it in soapy water to get it loose. With the water already there, I decided I’d mop. (This is a fictional exaggeration, but I did mop.)


  2. 92% accomplishment of anything is a plus in my book.

    As for claustrophobia, what a cast is to you is a bra to me. Hate em. Oh, and tight clothing. Hate that too.


        1. In my mind, publishing blog posts just make me a writer. Publishing a book makes me an author. Right now my page identifies me the same way my Twitter profile does: Lover of words, drinker of wine, liar by necessity. I write life as fiction. Close enough. 😉


      1. I’ve toyed with the idea of getting a “writer” page on fb, too. I think I’m actually going to wait until something gets published–maybe (There’s the indecisiveness kicking in again).
        I think it’s interesting. I share the same view as you. I can’t call myself an author until I’m published, but I was looking over some old rejections from agents. Several of them said (very impersonally) “Dear Author….” If agents who reject me call me an author, does that mean I get to call myself an author, too?
        Maybe…but I’d feel better about it if I got something published first.


  3. 92% is an “A” in most places…excellent!

    I did NaNoWriMo, and completed my 50,000 words. Now, it’s back to revisions on book #1 while my NaNo project ferments for awhile. I wonder if there’s any chance it will revise itself during its period of neglect?

    December may have to be my cleaning month — you should see the shape of this place right now…



  4. Good for you for the author Facebook page, Linda–I took the plunge too! I’ll be sure and stop in…

    And yes, I tackled the ottoman of doom–and I found that even after clearing it off, the only sure way of truly conquering the beast was to banish it to the deck…and let the wrens use it for THEIR folded laundry!


      1. Exactly, one less place…trust me, I have more!

        Actually,I think you and I friended one another with our “regular” pages–I changed my link on my blog to my author/like page recently…I just”liked” your new one, which I do, very much! I need to add some status to mine…


  5. Um……you caught me. I totally gave up. Thanksgiving came and my sister stayed at my house with her kids and that was the end. After that, I couldn’t bear to look at that widget that was barely halfway colored. But I’m very impressed at how much cleaning you did. Next year I promise to be better competition (maybe). 🙂


  6. I don’t have a facebook account, but I liked popping over to see yours if for no other reason than that your photo is bigger and I got to see your sweet face in something other than a thumbnail.

    *smiles and waves at you and ignores the crumbs on the floor* [both at your house and mine-although at mine it’s glitter at the moment. Glitter gets everywhere once the tree goes up]

    k :0)


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