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Try to remember …

Memory, like many things, is often taken for granted—until it’s lost. My mother is in the early stages of Alzheimer’s. She realizes it, but most of the time pretends it’s not happening. “Everyone forgets things,” she’ll say, but I can tell by her voice she knows what she’s forgotten is more serious than where she set her purse or what she walked into the kitchen for.

I fear losing my memory—or precisely, losing my memories. The other day, someone mentioned an event I felt I should have remembered, and it shook me a bit that I didn’t. I thought of many wonderful events in my life I would hate to forget, but someday due to Alzheimer’s or ordinary senility, I will begin to lose those memories. My recent loss of valued Christmas ornaments and decorations reinforced my fear. Yes, I still have the memories association with each item—but for how long?

Sad to say, I’m not a writer who kept journals all her life. I wish someone had taught me about journaling when I was young. I would have had my life in written form. Ah-h, if wishes were horses … Still, it’s not too late. I could record all the precious memories I’ve retained. I’m a writer; I could do that.

New plan: whenever something from my past comes to mind, I’ll write it down. I will have my memory in written form. A memoir in its purest form. And if, when I’m ninety, I forget these things happened to me, they should still be good reading.

The Mojave Desert at 75mph


Note: I included this photo for those of you who didn’t see my road photos and witty repartee on my Facebook page. (Just kidding, it was the first time I tried updating my status from my iPhone, so I was too befuddled to be witty. At least that’s my excuse.)

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20 thoughts on “Try to remember …”

  1. I have so many journals, both paper and e- that have piled up over the years, I doubt I’ll ever have time to read them, so I’m sort of in the same boat. 😉

    Last year my mother gave me a ten-year journal. You jot down just a few lines each day, and it’s organized so ten years of a given date appear on a single page.


  2. Ah, journaling. I used to do this, but found I’d write and write and write until my hand cramped up. Now with my little one I hardly have time to think about keeping a journal.

    I like the idea of a ten year journal. That might help me focus & not get too carried away. lol

    Great picture for going 75mph. 🙂


  3. Linda, this is a beautiful post, and it makes me glad that I did keep a journal for awhile in my youth. I have those. I also have blog journal I try to update every few months. I’m also a photographer, and those photos serve to trigger some great memories. Still, nothing replaces writing it down!


    1. Thank you for the link, Natasha. I have one audio and one video interview tapes with my parents. My father has since died, but I hope to get my mother to let me record some of her stories when I see her in the spring.


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