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I missed the party!

Like you, I balance two lives: real and virtual. I discovered how hard it is to mix the two this past week. When I left on vacation to visit some real life family, I thought I could also keep up with my virtual crowd. The first day on the road, I posted to my Facebook Page and my profile, with photos, even. That night I responded to blog comments and a few emails.

The second day, in Utah, I kept up with my blog and email. No time to read your blogs.The next day, I published a new blog post and responded in batches to comments for a day or two. My next appearance was a re-post from a year earlier. After that, I gave up. Sorry, friends, you just can’t measure up to family.

I expected to get caught up a bit on the way home, but the hotel’s WiFi didn’t like my laptop, so I couldn’t get online. It was just as well because I was feeling the effects of a virus. I slept most of the way on the second leg of our trip and went straight to bed when I arrived home.

What did I find when I woke this morning? The party went on without me. So many emails and blog posts—and Cathryn’s podcast—to catch up on. While I get caught up, I’ll share a few more photos from the road for you to enjoy.

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22 thoughts on “I missed the party!”

  1. We were on vacation in November, and I set up blog posts to publish automatically while I was gone. Good thing, too, because it turned out we had NO WiFi in the resort where we were. We didn’t even have cell service! (Costa Rican phone monopoly thing…. Long story….)

    In any case, for what it’s worth, I’ve realized that when you are gone like that, you have to not try to catch up. You just have to step back in and carry on from where you were. No one else will really notice. If something huge happened, you’ll find out eventually. The rest? It’s small stuff.

    That’s as much as I can wax philosophical at this hour… Glad you had a lovely trip and made it home safely. 🙂



  2. Thank you for sharing those great photos! Awesome! I found out when my husband was in the hospital that life on the blogosphere went on without skipping a beat. When I finally had time to catch up, I did. It took a few days. Blessings to you…


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