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The desire of a writer’s heart

Is fame and fortune what a writer’s heart desires? I say no. The writer’s ego might desire fame. The mind, the lifestyle, the budget may clamor for money. But I say the heart of a writer will only be satisfied by readers.

Some writers may be fulfilled with only one reader. Some may need millions. Millions of readers is only a dream for me, but I need more than the few I’ve had. That’s not to diminish those who’ve read my work so far. They were a delicious appetizer, the amuse bouche, and they gave me a taste for more.

Unless my novel is read, it’s only a collection of words, ink on paper. It has no meaning. It has no life. When I announced that I’d completed writing Brevity, several people congratulated me. I felt odd accepting that. True, many people talk about writing a novel, though few actually do, but I didn’t write this book for myself—not just for myself. It wasn’t really completed when I wrote the last word.

A book is something best shared, I think. How often have you finished a book and immediately wanted to talk about it with someone? Whether you liked it or hated it. So, yes, I finished my book, and now I need someone to read it. I need to talk about it with someone. Many someones.

My heart desires it.

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32 thoughts on “The desire of a writer’s heart”

  1. I agree with you wholeheartedly on this, Linda. I write because my heart is filled with a message I want to share. Writing helps me analyse and cope with life, but I’ll be disappointed in the end of all my work, if no one reads it. This is the risk we face as we write with that innate desire driving the keystrokes, pushing the revisions, and energizing the work that makes the message presentable. Never give up. I’ve come close, but I’m still working at it. Blessings…


  2. I agree with Laura, I’ve never understood the idea of writing fiction for oneself. Journals fall into that category …

    Your point about the desire to talk about a book that intrigued, entertained, challenged me makes me think about the communication idea others expressed in the comments — it’s not just the communication between author and readers, but among readers.


    1. Isn’t it exciting to think of readers discussing our books, Cathryn? Of course, it’s a bit scary too. Once you release your work into the world, it’s no longer exclusively yours. It’s subject to love and praise as well as misunderstanding and scorn.


  3. I expect that you are not alone, Linda. Most writers want readers . . . and lots of them.

    I’ve written a couple novels. I’m not inclined to seek out an audience to read them.

    I expect it’s because I value my anonymity more than applause, and my autonomy more than accolades.

    Fame comes at a price.


    1. Fame comes in many degrees, Nancy. I neither need nor want “household name” type fame, not that I think I have a chance at that anyway. But I think I could sell a few books. I will be “famous” in a very small circle. That’s fine with me, and I don’t think it will come at much cost.


    2. I agree. My only point is that YOU should be guided by YOUR desires, not by the expectations of others.

      If you want to share your words, you should.

      For me, I enjoyed writing the novels. That’s enough.


      1. I think we should all have a choice, Nancy. If your personal goal was only to write a novel, or two, then you accomplished your objective. You proved something to yourself, satisfied a need. The writing was complete in itself. I’ve carried stories in my head all my life, but this story was different. I wanted to tell it to others.


  4. Linda, I love this post. Once again, you’ve described my journey. My heart truly does desire readers. And I want to be able to communicate with them effectively. I can feel that my writing isn’t quite what I want it to be. And it leaves my heart yearning all the more. I WILL get there. But my goodness, I’m impatient.


    1. Thank you, V.V. And I’m impatient too. I’ll be rereading my novel after the holidays. It’s been so long, I’ll be reading with much fresher eyes, and I’m afraid I’ll find it’s not as good as I thought. 😕


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