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New Year Stress

I feel like I lost my train of thought in October and still haven’t found it again. November was all cleaning, little writing. December has been all traveling and holiday preparations. Now, it’s time for a new year to begin and I’m scrambling to get my mind back on track.

Why? Do I LOOK stressed?

Nearly all of my October posts were about editing, literary agents, and query letters.  January will be about major editing. No agents and querying, but a thousand other things are in the works. And, as my friend Kasie reminded me yesterday, I have to write something in the next week for critique group. First chapter of my next novel?

So, yeah, three days left in this year and I’m already stressed about the next one. In some aspects, you can take one day at a time, but in most, you can’t really do that. The business of writing takes planning. I now have certain tasks to be done in a certain order by a certain time.

I’m trying to ignore the actual number of tasks though. Overwhelming leads to inaction. When the new year starts, I’ll keep my eyes down and edit my heart out.

Your turn: Are you winging it with your writing in 2011, or do you have a plan?

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32 thoughts on “New Year Stress”

  1. I’m a planner, so I find it fun and energizing to have a detailed roadmap — I can always revise as I go.

    The winging it side of my is satisfied by first drafts and flash fiction. 😉


  2. Love that cute stressed-out kitty (I wish I looked that cute when stressed, but I suspect I’m more like a gremlin 🙂 )

    I will be working on my second novel, and probably some short stories, but I didn’t do a timeline or anything like that. With the full-time job and family, there’s no way I can keep up with a set word count or page count goal.

    Good luck on your writing. Looks like you’ll be very busy 🙂


  3. My writing has been at a stand still for several months. (except for blogging). For 2011, I want to rework my novel. Even do some serious rewrites. Again. Today, the thought crossed my mind that maybe I should split it into 3 books. CRAZY! Is there a crystal ball somewhere that will tell us the RIGHT thing to do next year?


  4. My 2011 Non-plan consist of winging it all the way. The coming year is for exploration and experimentation. Who knows what I’ll discover (or not).


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