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New Year Stress

I feel like I lost my train of thought in October and still haven’t found it again. November was all cleaning, little writing. December has been all traveling and holiday preparations. Now, it’s time for a new year to begin and I’m scrambling to get my mind back on track.

Why? Do I LOOK stressed?

Nearly all of my October posts were about editing, literary agents, and query letters.  January will be about major editing. No agents and querying, but a thousand other things are in the works. And, as my friend Kasie reminded me yesterday, I have to write something in the next week for critique group. First chapter of my next novel?

So, yeah, three days left in this year and I’m already stressed about the next one. In some aspects, you can take one day at a time, but in most, you can’t really do that. The business of writing takes planning. I now have certain tasks to be done in a certain order by a certain time.

I’m trying to ignore the actual number of tasks though. Overwhelming leads to inaction. When the new year starts, I’ll keep my eyes down and edit my heart out.

Your turn: Are you winging it with your writing in 2011, or do you have a plan?

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32 thoughts on “New Year Stress”

  1. 2011? What? When is it coming? *runs and hides*
    That should give you a clue as to how I am coping. You think that cat looks freaked out? You should see my face lol. By the way, the kitty face made me laugh aloud and I needed that so thank you 🙂


  2. That is the most adorable cat EVER.

    I’m so excited to hear you have specific writing/editing goals in mind—you’re so right, about all of that. This business of writing DOES take planning, and overwhelming DOES lead to inaction.

    I definitely have specific goals set for at least the next two months, and then a more big-picture plan for what comes next. I’m starting on those specific goals in about five minutes. 🙂

    I raise my latte (and you, I assume, raise your chai?) to this New Year, with its lovely fresh start.


    1. I expect this year will be my most organized ever, Kayla. We’ll have to see how that works with my usual unscheduled creativity. 😉

      Good luck on your two month goal. Knowing you, you’ll reach it with ease.


  3. I’m blogging about my goals this week! I made a long list yesterday on my blog. Yes, I have some very specific goals, starting with getting my novel “Ravenmarked” published by February 1. I have an ambitious publication calendar set. We’ll see if I can accomplish it. 🙂

    Writing *is* a business. We have to treat it as such. Every good business person starts the year with a plan.

    I wish you well in the coming year!


  4. The plan is coming along. Dealing with all this end of year review of our lives. Which is always so much fun! Just remember there is always Bailey’s!


  5. I think we have to live first to have something to write about. Chop wood, haul water, insight comes, chop wood, haul water.

    (I didn’t make that up, but it works still.)


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