I’m not undisciplined, I’m just a writer!

Yesterday my husband took dragged me out to lunch. It should have been an easy bribe—an offer of food I don’t have to shop for, prepare, or clean up from—but I’ve been entrenched in formatting my novel for CreateSpace.

I confess, I tend to get hyper-focused. Actually, I suspect I have Attention Deficit Disorder. I’ve often described myself as undisciplined, but that’s not true. I’m only undisciplined with things I don’t want to do anyway. Controlled chaos. Selective laziness.

I want to write; therefore my fingers can become glued to the keyboard. Literally. Well, almost. I often snack while working, so sometimes my fingers are sticky. If you’re a neat freak, you don’t want to look at my computer … or my workspace in general. You might feel the urge to send pictures to one of those Hoarders shows.

All kidding aside (ahem) I’ve gathered from Twitter that I’m not the only obsessed writer. I see you tweet about forgetting to walk the dog or start dinner or change out of your pajamas—for days. I remember seeing an old movie about a man obsessed with writing … or painting … or inventing … whatever. Someone who cared about him brought food trays to him, but they stacked up outside his door, untouched.

It’s a good thing I have a husband who insists on being fed daily or I might waste away. Ha! Who am I kidding? I’d find one of those food tray delivery services. Oh wait! I already have one. It’s called Me ‘n’ Ed’s Pizza. Don’t worry about me. I’m good. But if any of you want to bring me a tray, my door’s not locked. Just push the empty teacups, coke cans, and chip bags aside.

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29 thoughts on “I’m not undisciplined, I’m just a writer!

    1. I’m using CreateSpace for the print version. I’ll also use Amazon for the Kindle version. I hope to use B&N directly for the Nook version, and Smashwords for all other versions.

      And I’ve been dragging you through all my other steps, so you can count on me blogging about the rest of the journey. 😉


      1. Thank-you. I’m enjoying it a lot.

        And yep it is by far the best. Especially if you get deep enough that you literally have the conversation.

        A lot of what I write I don’t know it will be that way until I read it on my screen (or notebook at the case often is) it’s interesting because I’m as much telling myself the story as I am telling it. Of course my friends are always a bit shocked by my writing. Hehe.


  1. You have enlightened me. ADD runs in my family, rampantly. I told my brother how difficult it is for me to concentrate while driving. My mind wanders no matter how I try to keep focused, causing me to get lost. Duh. Then I said I didn’t think it could be ADD because I also focus so hard on writing or creating a spreadsheet, etc., that people can speak my name several times before I respond. My brother told me that was another sign of ADD. So, maybe writers lean toward ADD for some reason. Or, maybe not.

    I see a published book in your near future. Ha! That’s easy to predict, isn’t it? Keep at it, and eat when a tray shows up. What a sweet husband you have! Blessings to you…


    1. Carol, for a while, our nephew with ADHD lived with us and I was amazed how he could be all over the place one minute and then totally transfixed by a video game the next, so yes hyper-focusing is a part of it. I don’t know if writers have a tendency to have ADD, but I guess if you’re focused on something, it might as well be something productive. 🙂


  2. Oh Linda how wonderful it sounds to become lost for so long in your work. I have only brief moments of immersion now….
    Something to look forward to that makes me smile when the thought of how quick the babies are growing saddens me


  3. Linda, You’ve got good reason to get lost in your writing, seeing as you’re on the verge of publishing your novel! I know that feeling though, the one about forgetting to eat. Sometimes eating is so inconvenient 🙂


    1. You know, Christi, I don’t think I paid enough attention to Cathryn when she talked about how much work this entailed. 🙂

      My waistline wishes I’d forget a few more meals! Too bad salad restaurants don’t deliver.


  4. It happens to us all, Linda. As for me, I was never very fashion-minded BEFORE I had my little ones and definitely not before I started writing. When the words are flowing, we can’t help but put off the basics–food comes to mind, certainly–and a change of clothes? Oh, please!:)


  5. I’m the same, lost in my own world. Even a broken wrist and flu didn’t stop me at Christmas.
    My husband nudges me, brings me coffee and cake. I forget.


  6. I pat myself on the back on those rare days when all meals are cooked — not opened or ordered — the laundry is done, and no schedule has been forgotten. When you’re lost your work, that’s when the “magic” happens.

    Just need to clear away the debris every once in a while 😉


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