Someday, I’ll tell all

No, I’m not going to write a memoir. A friend asked if I planned to go into detail about my whole process of publishing The Brevity of Roses. I do plan to share that information. I will have a new section of this blog devoted to it. Those of you not interested in Indie publishing, won’t have to look. You can just read my usual blathering.

Speaking of this blog, there are major changes ahead. Sometime before my book is released you’ll see a new theme, custom header, and added pages. You’ll have to be content with the same old blogger though.

I finally figured out the print formatting. It looks nice, if I do say so myself. A couple of friends are checking it for errors while I work on the cover. Yes, I started that a couple of weeks ago, but an unexpected visit from family halted work. Turns out that was a good thing because, while I was away from it, I changed my mind about one element. I’ve started over, but it would have discouraged me to do that if I’d almost finished the first one.

I uploaded a PDF file of my book to my Kindle, so I could re-read it, and I tried out the Text to Speech utility. The robotic voice is too creepy for me to listen to for long, plus I was afraid I’d hear that voice in my mind as I read it, but it was a laugh to hear Mr. Reader mangle some of my characters’ names. It pronounced my main character’s name three different ways before I turned it off.

The harddrive on our desktop computer is probably failing, so I’ve started doing most of my work on the laptop. But I’ve also started properly using the Dropbox software I installed months ago. I work with the files stored online in my dropbox, so they’re automatically updated every time I save. If my computer fails or is stolen, no worries. All my work is backed-up online. I can access it from any computer with an internet connection. And, if I want to, I can place files in Shared or Public folders so others can access them. Best of all, Windows, Mac, and Linux users can have 2 GB of storage free. If you need more space, you can pay for a premium account.

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18 thoughts on “Someday, I’ll tell all

  1. Oh, good – I’m glad you’ll be sharing your publishing experiences.

    And I second your Dropbox decision. I put all my writing files on Dropbox and it’s a big relief to know that if and when my MacBook dies (can’t you hear the fan whirring away right now?) my words will be preserved. Not sure sometimes if that’s a good thing, but still….


    1. Dropbox takes a weight off my mind, Natasha. I’ve backed up my work to an external harddrive, two computers, and a memory stick, but I have to remember to do that … and so I have different dated versions on each! 🙂 By working on the files straight from Dropbox, backing up is automatic.


  2. I love to read other authors experiences in writing and publishing. It tends to give me a sense of, “phew, I’m not the only one that happens to.” I’m looking forward to seeing the new updated blog and reading your book.

    As for Dropbox, I’ve tossed the idea about, but haven’t really looked into it yet. I’m glad to hear that it’s worth it. Now I need to see about setting up an account.


  3. I’m looking forward to your new look. I love that picture of the hand and the mic.

    I haven’t tried drop box, I have a backup drive, but have thought about getting something external to our house as well.


  4. I guess it’s a good thing that my novel isn’t ready to publish. I surely don’t have time to do all the stuff you’re doing. Indie indeed! There is so much you must accomplish yourself! You are doing it, too. I’m impressed! Life becomes very busy for the writer that sells to a traditional publisher, too. I must be content in the season of life I am in, and I intend to enjoy it. Later, I’ll think of other things. As Scarlet O’Hara said, Fiddly-dee. Tomorrow’s another day. Blessings to you, Linda…


    1. If you use Dropbox like I used to, there’s not much difference, Tricia. I would occasionally remember to copy my working files to Dropbox. But now I open them from there, work on them, and when I save them it’s to Dropbox, not my harddrive. Now, I occasionally remember to copy the latest version of my files to my computer, instead of the other way around. I always have access to the latest versions of my files from any computer, whether I’m at home, at group, or visiting someone.


  5. Thank you for your willingness to share these experiences. I can’t wait to read more about the hurdles and triumphs you will face over the coming months!

    It is the wee hour over here on the east coast and the perfect time to write so I had better get back at it.


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