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Three months in and how’s it going?

Yes, I know it’s not exactly the end of February, but it’s close enough. We’re chipping away at 2011. One fourth, twenty-five percent, of the year is gone. Whether you made formal New Year’s resolutions or just had vague hopes for this year, how are you doing so far?

I like the idea of a fresh start. Of course, years of our lives never begin without the baggage of the years before. But we can set new goals each year. My first 2011 writing goal was actually a publishing goal, and I’m on-track to accomplish that.

Making a serious dent in writing my next novel is my second goal. I’d like to say I could write, edit, and have it polished by the end of the year, but I’m not sure that’s a realistic goal. I don’t know how publishing Brevity will affect my writing life.

I’ll also be a partner in a new writing blog. It’s top secret right now, so I can’t give specifics, but you’ll hear all about it soon. My obligation to that will be a weekly post and commenting. And since I’ve sort of stumbled off the path on my own blog posting and commenting, that will be a challenge.

But challenges are good. Goals are good. Moving forward, even if at tiny baby steps, is good. So now …

Your turn: How is 2011 going for you so far?

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14 thoughts on “Three months in and how’s it going?”

  1. I’m still committed to not being committed, either to writing goals or to a mental hospital. LOL However, I am having a blast and among those writing tasks I’ve created a small library of character studies and story ideas.

    Glad to see/hear you are making your way through your goals. Now, about this carrot your dangling, top secret, eh. Man, I must be way outside the loop. 🙂


  2. I cannot believe it is almost March. What the hell happened to January and February? It’s been a way too changeable year for me, all due to my own making. I moved, spent a month living in a friend’s house and now I’m in my new place. During all this change, the only constant has been my novel, and working on it, is really keeping me sane.

    Life is still a bit chaotic, but hoping it will calm down in the next few months.

    It’s nice to have internet again, though I am having to restrict how much I am on so I can work on my novel 🙂


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