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Are you a Goodreader?

I suppose I heard about Goodreads for a year before I ever viewed it. And when I did, I only used it to see what other readers said about particular books. Not until several months later did I decide to use it to keep track of the books I had read, was reading, or wanted to read.

It astounds me that I can look up a book I rate at 5 stars and find at least a few have given it 1 star! It works the other way around too. Nothing else has better drilled into my mind that reading tastes are subjective. No matter how well I wrote a novel, someone somewhere would review it saying they wish they could give it 0 stars.

Despite those variances, I find Goodreads an excellent place to find suggestions of books to read. Unlike the Amazon or Barnes & Noble sites, Goodreads is oriented to the reader not the consumer. Because of that, I think the reviews and ratings may be more honest.

I haven’t written many reviews; I’m still working through my real bookshelves, listing the books I’ve read and rating them. If you’ve never visited the Goodreads site, I suggest you do. If you are, or become, a Goodreader, feel free to add me as a friend.

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19 thoughts on “Are you a Goodreader?”

  1. I’d like to be.
    I read so much, hardly have time to check my emails, that I haven;t because I don’t want to give myself one more thing to do.
    BUt, I suppose it’s not like twitter or anything, right? Just need to loging and record what I’m reading?


    1. I’m still a newbie at Goodreads, Jennifer. I think there are many options I know nothing about yet. I know there are discussion groups, or forums, but right now, I’m just keeping track of books I’ve read. I do follow a few authors there, so I see their postings. I also like to compare my books with friends’ to see how many we match, and by looking at their lists I find books I think I might like to read or am reminded of books I’ve already read.


  2. Well, I’m on Goodreads, but I’m not happy about it… 🙂 My ambivalence toward all forms of social media grows on a daily basis. Well, except blogging. I still like blogging and reading and commenting on blogs. Otherwise, it’s all kind of… meh…

    I think Goodreads is confusing and hard to navigate, and it reminds me too much of Facebook. I can see how book reviewers and voracious readers would enjoy it, especially if they aren’t heavily into other forms of social media, though.



    1. I read your post about not reviewing books, Amy, and agreed with you on several points, but I don’t have to write reviews to use Goodreads.

      At least at this point, I don’t consider Goodreads as social media. Certainly not a time sink like Twitter, which is where I connect with other writers. Goodreads is where I can connect with other readers.


      1. Oh, I know we don’t have to review books on Goodreads. I just don’t like the site. 🙂 But maybe I’m just growing into my contrarian nature. 😉 It’s true that it seems to be less of a time sink than Twitter, but I keep wondering if I’m missing something. It’s interface could use a lot of work… 🙂


          1. Both pages. Actually, I’m hardly there at all, and maybe if I were I wouldn’t have so much trouble with it! The pages seem busy–I feel bombarded with information when I log on there–and stuff that seems like I should be able to click on it isn’t clickable. Those are my two big complaints. The other stuff is that it feels like Facebook to me, and I’ve had enough drama on Facebook to last a lifetime. I’m a little hesitant to get into another place where there’s a potential for drama and I have to collect more friends… Plus, sadly, I don’t have tons of time to read because I’m writing, so I don’t need recommendations. And most of the folks I see there are other writers, and I’m trying to get OUT of the writing clique a little.

            But this could all just be me. I only have 29 friends there, and I’m not hugely involved. If I had more time for more networking, I might feel differently.

            Like I said, I’m there. I’m just not happy about it. 🙂 A lot of it is just a matter of preference and where I choose to be at this point. I’m not one to tell anyone where to spend his/her time, believe me! I’m just enjoying the blogosphere more than the other social sites.


          2. Well, I agree about blogging. That’s always been my main focus in connecting with others. But again, I’m mostly connecting with other writers here. I’m not complaining about that; I truly need that connection. But, as a writer, I need to know readers and how they read, which as you pointed out is differently than writers read. I feel I can get a clearer picture of readers by browsing at Goodreads.


  3. I love goodreads! But then, I don’t get into the other things. I use it to see what other people are saying about books, I sign up for giveaways, I post reviews and keep track of what I’m reading but that’s it. I don’t use forums, I largely ignore what my friends are reading, I don’t join groups and I don’t attempt to use it as social media – I don’t need more social media sites! lol


  4. I actually worry about having a goodreads account. I think, What if I rated a fellow author’s book with only a few stars and they found out? I might erase my shelves if I ever get published. But it is a great place to find good reads.


    1. That’s one of the reasons I don’t do many reviews, Candi. My most common rating is 3 stars, and that means I enjoyed it, but might not read it again. A 4 star book I probably will read again, and a 5 star is one I definitely will. I don’t consider 3 stars a bad rating. Generally, I don’t finish books I don’t like, so I’m usually rating only books I liked. Actually, I just added an explanation of my rating system to my Goodreads profile.


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