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Every Wednesday, throughout the school year, I spend an hour hurtling forward encased in a metal and fiberglass box with a flammable fuel powered engine. In other words, I take the freeway across town and back.

I’m rewarded for this two ways. First, I get to spend time with my granddaughter, Emily. And second, I get to see a postcard-perfect view of the Sierra Nevada mountains. Both rewards remind me there’s life outside of writing. It’s not a life I’ve spent much time in during the last three months.

If I’d truly believed the warnings about how much work was ahead of me, I don’t know if I would have embarked on the self-publishing journey, at least not now when my funds are too low to hire out some of the grunt work. But I’m nearly done. When my last proofreader sends me her notes, I’ll make any changes needed. Next I’ll format files for Kindle and Nook, then submit the print version and order a proof copy.

It’s getting very close to the day The Brevity of Roses is available to the public. As you might expect, my emotions are mixed. I doubt I’m prepared for the next stage as much as I think I am. I don’t know if any debut author can be fully prepared. But I know I will be rewarded … in one way or another.

BTW: I sent out the first edition of The Brevity Insider Newsletter today. If you’re on the mailing list, but did not receive it, let me know. If you’d like to be on the mailing list, sign-up here.

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17 thoughts on “Rewards”

  1. I love your mountains photo, too.
    Five stages of writing: first inspired compulsion, second perfectionism, third selling yourself to an editor/publisher, fourth selling yourself to the public, fifth fame. Sort of like mountain climbing. Press on!


    1. Yes you did warn me, Michelle, but I thought you exaggerated. 🙂 Obviously, you found your reward. I have a bit already, and I believe I will find more. It’s certainly been a growth experience already.


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