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How not to disappear into your writing

I need to get out more. Not outdoors, at least not while the pollen is blowing, but outside my own blog. Not only did I comment more on my friends’ blogs, but I used to seek out at least one new blog every day. I learned a lot and made new friends.

But I got overwhelmed with revisions, and my virtual borders shrank.  Then, I started down the road to indie publishing, and they shrank some more. I used to post faithfully, three times a week, but now that’s become a bit erratic, though I do keep up with replying to comments. I owe a big thank you to those who’ve stuck with me.

It seems the last I remember it was November. Can that be April at the door? Some of you have probably written two novels and ten shorts in that time. I’m totally out of touch. I miss the fun side of social media. I haven’t had a silly day on Twitter for ages.

Have you ever seen grass that bleached out because it’s been under something flat for a few days? That’s sort of how I feel—deformed and pale. But my self-imposed isolation is almost over. The e-book files are formatted and I’m waiting on the proof print copy. The Brevity of Roses will soon be out there in the world.

And so will I—virtually, at least. Watch for me. I’ll be that pale, lumpy, woman grinning and waving like crazy.

Photo credit: Dawn M Schiller – Odd Fae and Autumn Things
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40 thoughts on “How not to disappear into your writing”

  1. I feel what you are saying Linda. Working full time and being fully recommitted to my writing life, how on earth am I supposed to keep up with the world of social media? I suppose time for it will have to be scheduled just as time for writing must be. And yes, I can lose hours trying to catch-up on blogs (both reading and writing), Facebook, LinkedIn, Goodreads, etc.


    1. I probably complain too much, Barbara. No one has enough time to do everything they’d like to do. We’re all just doing the best we can. 😉 I just need to pop my head out of the cave more often to see what’s going on with everyone else.


  2. I know this life! I am living it too. 16 hours a day I work at it! And yes, the majority of that is in front of the computer. I think we all know what part of me feeling it! But, when I start to get a bit overwhelmed at it all, I ask myself my own question–the basis for my own book–what are you willing to do to get what you really want? That generally pulls me back up because this is what I’m willing to do. This will be my fourth book, but it is really my first in so many ways. I love your blog! Thanks for sharing!


    1. Thank you, Paula, and you’re welcome. I have no complaints when writing takes over my life because I love it. 🙂 It’s just all this writing business stuff that I resent because it takes me away from writing. But now it’s time for fun again and I’m excited.


  3. Linda, I feel behind on visiting with blogging friends, and I’m not even in the middle – or nearing the debut (!) – of publishing! It’s all good, though. So many exciting times to come! Woo! (a week to ten days, yay!)


    1. Thanks for giving me a pass, Christi. 😉 Time flies so fast now. I get busy and think only a week has passed and then I realize it’s been a month! Anyway, if you look in my sidebar, you’ll see that the Kindle version of Brevity is now up for sale. The other e-book versions should follow in a day or so, and then the print version in a week to ten days.


  4. Just went to – it’s there too, and now it’s in my Kindle. I’ve heard so much about this book, it feels like my God child!


      1. I’m surprised you still know which way is up, after that deluge! It will take me a while to get into Brevity as I’m up to the ears in course work just now, and I want to do both justice. If I can hang onto my job too, that will be a bonus!


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