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Today is sweet as Candi

Oh, the life of a celebrity! Today, I’m being interviewed by the lovely Candice Kennington, who is every bit as sweet as her nickname. Too bad you can’t hear her beautifully modulated voice, which is the one I hear for my character Meredith.

In my answers to Candice’s probing questions, you’ll learn more about my cover painting, my research for the Middle-Eastern aspect of The Brevity of Roses, why my portrait of Jalal disappeared from my blog, and what a hammock has to do with my writing.

All right, I know you’re swooning with curiosity now, so click on over to Suffering From Writer’s Blog. Not only will you learn life-changing facts about me, but you could win a signed copy of my novel. Now, isn’t that sweet?

For those of you not the least interested in learning more about me or winning a book, here’s something for you. And even if you did read the interview and enter the contest, feel free to participate in the discussion here today.

I assume you’ve read a book—or ten—in the last month … few weeks … a year. I hope you enjoyed the experience. For me, part of the joy of reading is discussing books with someone. Let’s do that today. Tell  me about a book you read and liked. Or tell me about one you read and hated. Either way, let’s talk books today.

I do ask you to be nice. If you read a comment that has the opposite view of a book you’ve read, feel free to disagree, just do it respectfully.

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15 thoughts on “Today is sweet as Candi”

  1. I may a bit off the beaten path here with my reads because I read mostly YA, but I just finished Incarceron. It’s a story about a society who forces their people to live in a regency era society despite their advanced technology. There is also a centuries old prison that is alive. It sounds kind of crazy, but I really enjoyed it.

    P.S. Thanks for doing the interview on my blog!


  2. I am reading “The Secret Diary of Adrian Mole”, which is hysterical. It’s the diary of a British boy who starts out at age 13-3/4, set in the early 80’s (fiction), and he is so unwittingly funny. This is the wacky fun of buying books at a church that sells donated books for .50 (paperback) and $1.00 (hardback). I just pick up a stack of random books and pull them out of my bag of unread books after finishing the one before. Some of the books I’d never have chosen to buy at full price, or they may be out of print, but I’ve read some gems, and this one is wonderful. It’s in a compilation of 3 books called “Adrian Mole From Minor to Major” and covers his life in diary form from 13-3/4 to 23-3/4. I’m only up to his being 15 so far, and it’s a pleasure to read. Sue Townsend is the author.
    It’s not a super high concept book, for sure, but it’s just so well written — she is pitch perfect in capturing this quirky lad and it reminds me of my drama days when I was an adolescent!

    By the way, I found out something about Stieg Larsson (we mentioned the “Girl” series in another post). Seems his books were published posthumously. He wrote them for his amusement and had outlined a series of 10, of which 2 were finished and the third one was almost finished. His lover finished the 3rd one after he died. He was only 50 and died of a heart attack after climbing up several flights of stairs in 2010. Sad, right? I think he was so talented and that was the previous book I read, “Girl With the Dragon Tattoo”. Had no idea it would be good, just pulled it out of my bag of .50 books! Must get the other 2, because I loved that one!


    1. Thank you for the suggestion, Julee. Isn’t it fun to pick up a book you know nothing about and find a gem? 🙂

      Yes, I knew that about Stieg Larsson. What a shame he didn’t live to see his fame.


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