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Today is sweet as Candi

Oh, the life of a celebrity! Today, I’m being interviewed by the lovely Candice Kennington, who is every bit as sweet as her nickname. Too bad you can’t hear her beautifully modulated voice, which is the one I hear for my character Meredith.

In my answers to Candice’s probing questions, you’ll learn more about my cover painting, my research for the Middle-Eastern aspect of The Brevity of Roses, why my portrait of Jalal disappeared from my blog, and what a hammock has to do with my writing.

All right, I know you’re swooning with curiosity now, so click on over to Suffering From Writer’s Blog. Not only will you learn life-changing facts about me, but you could win a signed copy of my novel. Now, isn’t that sweet?

For those of you not the least interested in learning more about me or winning a book, here’s something for you. And even if you did read the interview and enter the contest, feel free to participate in the discussion here today.

I assume you’ve read a book—or ten—in the last month … few weeks … a year. I hope you enjoyed the experience. For me, part of the joy of reading is discussing books with someone. Let’s do that today. Tell  me about a book you read and liked. Or tell me about one you read and hated. Either way, let’s talk books today.

I do ask you to be nice. If you read a comment that has the opposite view of a book you’ve read, feel free to disagree, just do it respectfully.

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15 thoughts on “Today is sweet as Candi”

  1. I love love love love LOVE The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks by Rebecca Skloot. I’m just amazed that the author spent 10 years researching and getting to know the family before the book was published. And the story itself is one of ethics, family, trust, class, race, it goes on and on. The book is well written and tells the story of the woman Henrietta Lacks, and her cells, which were taken without her knowledge or consent, and they were the first cells ever able to be replicated. Now every vaccine, medical cure, science test in the world comes from tests we ran on her cells, and all the while her children knew nothing, had nothing, and endured struggles of their own. I highly recommend this book!


  2. Hmm, last good book I read was Brevity of Roses. Seriously. Before that I’ve been bombarded with a bunch of duds. This time last year I finished Water for Elephants (one of those loved or hated books, judging by Goodreads reviews [I loved it]), and now it’s been made into a movie. I must see it.


  3. I knew I was in trouble checking out this discussion, I must add The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks to my shelf, and I think Water for Elephants is on there, but I’d better check because I still haven’t read it.

    The last book I read was The Last Secret by Mary McGarry Morris. It was recommended by one of my blog commenters as a psychological suspense novel I might enjoy. It was a page turner, and I got completely caught up in the suspense and the emotions of the MC.


  4. Oooooo, the possiblities of all the books I could recommend! I’ve never truly had a favorite, but it I must choose one, it’d be the Leven Thumps series. They were written by Obert Skye, and are YA Fantasy, but it’s a truly amazing series.
    So, what’s it feel like to be a growing celebrity? 😀 Good luck in the rest of your writing journey!


    1. Thanks for the recommendation, peacesigngirl. Since I’m surrounded by excellent YA writers nowadays, I’m reading and enjoying more of it.

      Celebrity? Let’s just say my exalted vision of authors, has been challenged. 😉 Thank you for the well wishes.


  5. I’ve been absent for a few months, been writing online articles. Came back to discover you’d published your novel … CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!

    I just read a super interesting book called Skinner’s Drift, set in Africa by Lisa Fugard. It was amazing … I could hear the animals and smell the scents of foreign foliage and flowers ….

    I am so happy for you!



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